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  • I suppose it's been asked before, but I'm thinking of writing a game, after a few years away. I'm inevitably drawn to C2 because it was always my preferred environment, but this would just be a hobby and I'm not willing to pay the C3 license for a hobby. Added to that, I'm not 100% sure if Construct is suitable for my new idea (it probably is).

    So I'm thinking, could I just start writing my game in C2 for a few weeks and then if I decide that I'm going to complete it and C2/C3 are the correct platform, then buy C3 and just move it over? Or would I be missing out by using C2 at this stage? Or would it be difficult to move over once the game it half complete?

  • Hey farflamex,

    you can open every .capx in C3 and save it under the new format without problems.

    Exceptions are projects that use third-party addons / plugins if they are not available for C3.

  • Thanks, I'll get cracking with my new idea then

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  • I just got C3 I would stay at C2 for now really. Its not much different but a lot of the plugins are not in C3 yet. I like the layout of C3 better but its 100$ a year should just be a 1 time payment if you ask me. Also if your game is going to be online multiplayer that is another reason to stay on C2 for now, Ive read that C3 is still buggy or slow online.

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