How do I make a build as the build keep failing? (Paid user)

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  • Apologies as I keep getting an error when posting to the "General" section. I keep getting build failed when I try to make an Android build. Been trying for awhile.

    Can somebody have a look at the build server?

    Thank you.

  • Could you share your project and which version of C3 you are using?

  • I just tried an Android build and it worked fine.

  • Hi thanks for the reply Ashley,

    I'm currently using stable release 225.

    When I start an Android build, the Transfer progress started until 20%+ before stopping and then notify "Build fail".

    Tried reloading but still didn't work.

    Please advise, thank you.

  • If it only transfers to 20% and then fails, it sounds like a problem with your Internet connection cutting it off.

  • My connection? That's weird...

    I can save to google drive all this while.

    Let me try clearing cache.

  • Didn't work, also restarted my laptop.

    Is there a limit to the project size for making build or is there something that can be done on the server?

    Thank you, I'm trying to test a fix on a bug.

  • These are the project statistics :

    Project statistics

    Name: Bobamon Catcher!

    Layouts: 22

    Event sheets: 23

    Total number of events: 1868

    Total number of conditions: 1414

    Total number of actions: 2942

    Object types: 589

    Families: 37

    Estimated peak image memory usage

    For each layout, the image memory requirement is estimated by summing the memory usage of the spritesheets used by objects on the layout. The peak image memory usage is the size of the largest single layout, since the runtime only loads one layout at a time.

    Estimated peak memory usage is 202 mb due to largest layout z_Assets_Game

    Top 10 layouts by image memory usage

    z_Assets_Game: 202 mb

    scn_onematch: 87 mb

    scn_BobaStageSelect: 86 mb

    scn_collections: 74 mb

    scn_game_fishing: 73 mb

    scn_zakkaplaygamesnews: 52 mb

    scn_loadgame: 40 mb

    scn_home: 37 mb

    scn_onematch_home: 37 mb

    scn_journey: 36 mb

    Top 10 event sheets by event count

    es_zakkaCore: 477 events

    es_onematch: 462 events

    es_BobaStageSelect: 300 events

    es_loadgame: 107 events

    es_game_fishing: 105 events

    es_farm: 77 events

    es_collection_details: 64 events

    es_zakkaCorelist: 53 events

    es_stage_bonus: 48 events

    es_game_clouds: 46 events

  • How big is the project file?

    Google Play limits the size of apps to 150mb (IIRC), so your project once exported will need to be under that size anyway.

    If you have a problem with your Internet connection or the maximum project size, you can try building it locally with the Cordova CLI.

  • the final build is about 30+mb so it's fine.

  • I'm using construct 3 as it has the build server which simplifies the workflow, as I have no programming background, it would be greatly appreciated if I can know what is the issue so I can make the necessary adjustments.

    Is there a limit to the size of the project to be sent for build?

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  • I can't remember the limit off the top of my head, but 30mb is definitely fine.

    I can only really guess from the information provided - if you share your project I can give it a go myself.

  • Thanks,

    here is the link to the project file :

    Thank you

  • I tried a debug APK build and it completed successfully. So it seems most likely it is an issue with your Internet connection. I rebooted the build server too in case that helps for some reason.

  • hi Ashley,

    It's working now!

    Thank you :)

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