Is This a Bug in TileToPosition ( Tilemap )?

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  • Hi , Im using the Tile to Position to get the X and Y Layout Coordinates from tiles

    After I get the information I sow a large number so I divided it by the tile size , so far so good

    but it shows me a difference of 0.5 in the layout X and the Layout Y coordinates

    how can I fix it ?

    Link to c3 project


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  • TileToPosition expression takes tile number as parameter, not a layout coordinate. You probably need SnapX/SnapY expression here instead.

  • dop2000 Thanks for answer but its not what the documentation says :



    Snap an X or Y layout co-ordinate to the nearest tile. This also returns a layout co-ordinate, but aligned to the nearest tile in the tilemap.

    and thats not what I need , I need TiletoPosition insted



    Convert a tile position to layout co-ordinates. For example, this can be used to position a Sprite object on top of a given tile.

    I think this is a Bug

  • Like I said, TileToPositionX() expression requires tile number. It won't work if you use Sprite.x as a parameter.

    You can do this:


    but it will be the same as SnapX(Sprite.x)


    If you need to get tile number (or index) for a given position, use PositionToTile expressions.

  • Thanks dop2000 I misunderstood the documentation , I thouht when sprite overlapp the tiles it already takes the tile number .

    Now its working with Snap , and the other way you said . Thanks

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