Bug with the "Find the path with tile map erase"

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  • I tried for the Tilemap "Tile Erasing"- action, with find the path- object on the same project: the path finding cannot create a path trough the erased tiles from the tilemap i use. Any help? Suggestions, or bug fixing?

    I used the "Tilemap Destruction Template" - template on the base of the project code.

    The code-work does work well with the platformer-plugin - the objects still falling trough, but not working with find the path- plugin.

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  • It's difficult to understand the problem without a project file. But my guess is you need to regenerate the obstacle map for Pathfinding, after changing the Tilemap. Use "Regenerate map" or "Regenerate region", then "Wait 0.1", then "Find path"

  • Hey Dop, thank you for your answer!

    I realized the exact solution you come up with, but after 1-2 hours later i made this post. I were not able to reform this topic while it was locked for the "topic verification"- issue.

    There seems to be many problems with tile map, so i finally decided to create a post: for example, there are no option to "rotate" the tile maps, and editing size of the tiles collision does not always work correctly.

    Here is an example picture of the project with i'm having problem issues; the "player base"- cube can't move with tile map-movement, because it's some way in the "tile map" solid where i placed it. Collisions surround the whole tile maps tiles, non at where i placed solid to it in the tile map collision editor.

    An additional bug is that the tile map doesn't rotate with the behavior-element.

  • Try enabling "Show collision polygons" checkbox in layout editor, maybe you'll see your mistake.

    Tilemaps can not be rotated.

  • You could rotate the layer that the tilemap is on (rotates around centre of viewport) and can use the new set layer scroll feature to set the rotation point to the centre of the layout.

  • calminthenight Nice idea! However, making a game with characters moving on a rotated layer will be pretty difficult.

  • I can attest to that. I experimented with it a while ago and it worked but I remember it being a bit of a pain. The new layer features will certainly help

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