I have a big problem with MobileAdvert!

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  • I really have a big problem with MobileAdvert!

    When I try to export my project for android (I have not tested for iOS), the advertisements don't start!

    I used every tick with update text with mobile ad error message and it tells me that the user has not given consent. By doing other tests with other projects, advertising works perfectly and requires no consent, only with this project not!

    Even if with the project I give the user's consent the error message from "banner ad failed to load".

    All the ids are right, I have double checked them. In the project that I leave you I change the ids.

    I hope you can help me solve, I am very desperate.


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  • Are you testing an exported APK directly on your device ?

    If not, that is possibly the issue.

    Adverts will only work on a published APK (even only a Debug APK).

    Be sure to check the configuration of your adverts in AdMob's itself.

    At last, check the "Testing Mode" property of the Mobile Advert plugin.


  • Hello! unfortunately I tried in many ways! dubug apk: does not work. signed apk doesn't work. I also tried to publish it on the play store and it doesn't work. I think there are some bugs in the project because I tried to eliminate all the elements and layouts and it worked, I'm really desperate.

  • NepeoCan you help me?

  • The project you have shared is private, I cannot view it.

  • I have taken a quick look at your project and as far as I can tell your events look okay. The only thing I would consider changing is that you attempt to create a new advert each time you "play", but you don't always show it. Given that you randomly choose in the same block if you will show an advert to the user it may make sense to only create an advert if you have decided to show one that time. Similarly looking at the event that displays the advert you don't check if one has actually loaded. It's worth noting that Admob doesn't always send you an advert when you ask for one. Usefully the plugin will actually not create a new advert if one is already loaded. As such I would suggest this slight adjustment:

    on start of layout {
    	choose(0, 1) = 1 {
    		create interstitial advert id: AD_ID show: FALSE
    is interstitial loaded {
    	show interstitial

    Now as for the reason why it's not working for you, it's not particularly clear yet. I will do a quick build with my advert credentials to verify your project. As your credentials have been cleared I cannot verify that you had set them up correctly. When sending projects that involve admob I suggest replacing the numerical parts in the ID's with "X" so that we can see roughly what your settings are without you sending us your ID's. Like so: ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX~XXXXXXXXXX

  • Thanks very much, I' m trying now!

  • Having done a test with my own credentials I can say that it does work correctly. So my best guess is that you have some configuration error. It's worth remembering that your own events limit how frequently the advert appears, I took me 3 deaths before I saw one.

    Also there is a small issue with the timing of your interstitial. It doesn't appear immediately when called, hence the next round actually starts before the video appears. You may want to include some logic to wait for the interstitial to finish before loading the next round.

    If you provide me with an anonymised version of your Mobile Advert settings as per my previous comment I will take a look and see if there is any obvious issues with them.

  • I wanna add that I had similar issues that I solved by doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes admob just takes a day or two before starting to serve ads. Given that your code is fine, this could be it.

    I recently updated my app and ads didn't show in the derived apk (signed by google) despite showing ads in the debug version, unsigned apk and signed apk. I didn't change any code regarding ads. I went to bed and the next day ads were showing normally. No idea why that is.

  • Yeah very true WackyToaster new advert IDs can often take time to start working. Similarly the Admob service "learns" about your application and who uses it, which affects how many adverts you get and of what types.

  • Nepeo

    Now still works! Thanks you very much!

    Only problem is that it works only with user consent dialog! If I don' t want it?

    I tryed with "nowere" but doesn't work..

  • I don't think you should disable the user consent dialogue. It probably should work without it too but disabling it you are just asking for legal troubles!

  • It's a legal requirement to display a user consent dialog in the EU under GDPR regulations. You can set it to display "nowhere", but if you are in the EU ( or your location is unknown ) then it will set the user personalisation preference to UNKNOWN ( which prevents adverts from showing ).

    If you don't want to use the built in consent dialog then you are expected to implement your own user consent system and explicitly set the preference to either "NON_PERSONALISED" or "PERSONALISED" using the actions provided, then you will be able to show adverts.

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