Best practices on simple export to Win/iOS wanted

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  • Hi all,

    are there some best practices/recommendations on how to export a Construct project to platforms other than Android apk/html5?

    In more details, my son got used to Construct 2 free and had no issue exporting to html5 and then further packaging it with a 3rd party tool to Android APKs his projects, which was more than enough at that time.

    Now he started using a personal license of Construct 3, which made creation of APKs even simpler and obviously as the next step now he would like to share his small games/projects with his friends having non-android devices, at least, Windows PCs and iOS phones. There are various guides on how to create projects for 3rd party IDEs, many advanced recommendations etc., but is there a recommended as of 2021, simple and straightforward approach for getting an .exe (or .zip with game files and executable) ? Is there a simple way to create an iOS app file to share and run it on someone's iPhone, without having an Apple developer account and w/o publishing into AppStore or any similar non-private place available to broad audience?

  • There are several exporters now to get your game on desktop computers.

    The main one is still NW.JS :

    There is also the Windows Wrapper :

    For iOS, unfortunately, I believe that what you are asking is akin to have jailbroke phones, and is not supported by Apple.

    The solution could be to upload to the apple store as a beta, but it does require a paid-developer account.

    That's Apple.

    In that case, having the game hosted on a webserver and providing a link that is going to be executed on the default browser of the device where it is executed sounds pretty reasonable.

    I believe allows you to set such kind of "private" links.

    Otherwise be sure to check this topic with alternatives to DropBox when it used to act as an html server as well with private link.

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  • Thank you for the information provided. Taking into account the challenges of the Apple store publish, I think Scirra Arcade / remote preview / 3rd party hosting sounds as a reasonable approach to try prior to actually getting deep into Apple stuff.

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