Dropbox: Discontinuing rendering of HTML content

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    I just received this from dropbox :

    "We’re writing to let you know that we’ll be discontinuing the ability to render HTML content in-browser via shared links or Public Folder. If you're using Dropbox shared links to host HTML files for a website, the content will no longer display in-browser."

    I usually upload to dropbox to share my game. Any ideas on where I can now easily upload my shared game files?

    haha.. interesting.. Google Drive is doing the same thing: (couple suggestions for new hosts there)

    I too received the dropbox email. This sucks I really liked dropbox . I bet they are going to see a decent size drop in users. Hosting my HTML5 games is literally the only reason I use it.

    Checking out BitBalloon as a new HTML5 host and it seems to work pretty decently.

    I had received that mail too...

    Yup, I received that email and I think this a great sux =/

    Me too...

    I will remove the Dropbox demo links in my website later (my bro is watching a drama in my notebook right now)

    That's a shame, it was a great way to quickly share content on the web :-\ It's understandable though, it probably costs them a lot of bandwidth and probably is an issue for security (since you can run little websites aimed at phishing and host it on their servers and such)

    There's always the Scirra Arcade, and I've not tried it but maybe some of you could try Neocities?

    Doesn't really cost a lot to get some decent hosting, although a bit tedious having to use FTP to upload all the time, but it's ok, if you don't constantly upload new versions.

    There are some other alternatives though, but not sure if they support it. Maybe worth to check out.

    OneDrive, Box.com, Copy, CloudMe, Sugar Sync, Amazon Cloud Drive, Team Drive, Wuala, Spider Oak

    Firebase offers hosting on thier free plan:


    No ftp, it uses Node to deploy from your home folder.

    I,ve tested it and it works.

    They also offer file storage that you have access to in C2 ala Rex's plug.

    Have not tested completely but html will render.

    I really like http://itch.io

    You can also set your game as a draft or restricted there, instead of public.

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    Store capx and other archive in Dropbox still handy. But where to store html5 content as easy as viewing it?

    I moved my demos on my github repository finally.

    Nice, plenty of options in this thread.


    i tried neocities, you have to pay to support the offline.appcache file which I assume is an important file.

    BitBalloon has been useful.

    I played my game via Dropbox about an hour ago. But surely can´t be sure yet if it´s possible in future.

    Edit: still working. Interested to see if it keeps on running.

    tomi71 it's from October 3rd.

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