How do I attach the player sprite to a physics rope made up of instances of same object

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to make a grapple hook / vine gun sort of thing. The idea is that I can shoot the target sprite which then sticks to certain objects. Once stuck, the vine is created by a repeat action, which creates the same sprite (rope) 6 times and moving each new instance at the "bottom" of the previous one.

    I can't think of a way to have the player attach correctly to the segments and have him go up and down and be able to jump from it. I have searched for examples and video tutorials, however none of them have the vines set up like mine, and I would like to keep mine as it's relatively simple to make and I understand (finally) how to make one. I also don't want to change the vine to a single thin sprite with the sine behaviour as it looks stupid (looks more like a swinging bar). Here's a picture of the vine creation for a better understanding:

    I'd really appreciate any tips or ideas.

    Thanks in advance!


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