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  • Hi there!

    I've been wanting to create a CRT monitor filter for my game and my idea was to create a top layer to serve as an adjustment layer and add some effects to it, like Bulge, Crt Scanlines, noise and so on...

    The problem that I find is that some effects on construct only affect the elements on the same layer as it is, and that wouldn't work for me because I have multiple layers that I want to apply the effect on (HUD, Objects, Background...). Bulge and scanlines are some of them.

    As applying the effects at each one of them would make the project a heavy mess, what could I do to apply them all to a top adjustment layer which would show it at all the layers below?

    I tried some solutions found here at the forum and even bought an OLD TV effect, but it was for C2 only and didn't work on my C3.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I just found an effective way!

    I created a solid sprite, full black, added the "Screen" Blending effect to make it transparent, and then every other thing I threw there made it work as a displacement map:

    I added Scan lines, 50% noise and Bulge to make it look like an old CRT television. I also downloaded the free addon "RGBA Channel Separation" to create a chromatic aberration effect.

    The result was pretty cool:

    Hope it helps anyone with this problem.

    Happy Holidays!

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  • You can also add effects to the whole layout - it will affect all layers.

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