Apply action to instances of specific tile number (not specific location)

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  • I am wanting to apply actions to only a specific tile number in a tilemap, for this example tile "0"

    I am using a comparison (with local variables to convert position to tile at) to detect if the tile the player is at is a specific tile number, and that's fine, but can't find where I would express the specific tile number in the actions?

    In this example: If the tile number at the player position is (0) I am setting the opacity to 0. However I am applying it to the entire tilemap which doesn't suit my purpose.

    Is it possible to apply the action only to tilenumber(0)?

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  • You can't change opacity of an individual tile, because tilemap is a single object. There is no such thing as tile instance.

    There are a few operations you can do with tiles - flip, rotate, etc., see "Set tile state" action.

    If you want to change opacity of the tilemap at player's location, you can use a different mask sprite with "Destination out" blend mode. Place it on top of the tile to make it invisible.

  • Ok thanks. I figured as much since I had found the rotate options and there were no others there.

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