Animation mode is stuck on "Stopped" even while moving

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  • I have found that the animation mode of the sprite is set to "Stopped" even when moving left or right, changing only when jumping and falling. I can't imagine "on stopped" and "is moving" are completely useless, so what's causing my object to never be "Moving" even when it is?

  • I should specify, this is on an object with platform behavior, where i'm specifying the controls.

  • Did you delete you previous post? I've already written a long reply, so I'll post it here :)

    1. If you are using Platform behavior, move player only with Platform actions. "Move forward 1px" is not a Platform action, it will cause problems! Use "Simulate controls" action, check out the official Platformer template to see how to do it.

    2. I'm guessing that frames in your player animations have different collision polygons, or different size, or different origin point position, or maybe all of the above. This will mess with Platform events, because as animation is playing, your character will be constantly falling/landing/colliding with walls. To avoid this problem, use a separate invisible rectangular sprite "PlayerObject" for movement and pin your sprite with animations to it. Again, see "Kiwi store" template, how the Kiwi character is made there.

    3. Here is an example of how to manage animations in a platformer game:

  • Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond! I deleted the previous post because I had found a way to work through those specific problems, while discovering this issue at the root of a lot of it. Not simulating movement was exactly the problem, thank you. :)

    I'm having another animation issue, might you know why the second of 2 frames of idle has my sprite sinking down 1 pixel? Both frames line up, and compensating by moving the second frame up makes it look like it's stuttering. I think the camera is following the character's arm, as it moves down a pixel in that second frame of the idle animation.

  • I can't tell you how to fix it without seeing your project file. But I am almost certain the problem is with polygons or origin image points in animation frames. Using a separate object for player movement should resolve it.

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  • I figured out that the second frame had a wonky collision box, sorted now.

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