How do I animate whilst path finding?

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  • Hi All,

    I'm new to construct 3 and slowly getting up to speed.

    I have set up a basic character animation that works when using the arrow keys.

    I have also set up path finding, which works, however I can't work out how to animate path finding.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • You can use 'is moving along path' to run a walking animation. For direction-based anims you can try using the object angle.

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  • Hi Plinkie,

    Thanks for your suggestion - I have attempted to set up the object angle but still seem to be hitting a brick wall.

    I currently have a location box sprite set up that the cat sprite moves to when clicked. Once the cat sprite reaches that location the location box sprite moves off screen.

    Here is what I currently have set up - I must be missing something simple.

    I want the cat sprite to move either up, down, left or right and not on a diagonal and then animate in the direction of movement.


  • You said hitting a brick wall but not really what the problem is haha. Do you just mean the animations are not working as expected in all scenarios? This could be a problem with another set animation action overruling these ones. Do you have other logic elsewhere to set an animation on the pathing object that could be interfering? If not this then there could be a problem with the object angle, check that it is changing for the pathing object by using debug view.

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