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  • Hello everyone,

    at the moment I'm creating a little game with construct 3.

    I'm using a loader layout.

    When the loader-layout finished loading, the next layout (start-layout) is shown.

    In that layout I only call the local-storage to load all user-data.

    When everything is loaded ("On all gets complete") I move on to the real game-layout. On desktop everything is working fine, but in the debug-apk, sometimes it stops at the start-layout (when user-data are loading) and it never moves on to the game-layout.

    Since my game uses a lot of objects, I think that the app just break after loading the user-data when it normally should load the game-layout and all the objects...

    How can I solve this? There is no chance to reduce the objects in the game-layout. I also tried to preload the game-layout in the loading-layout, but this was even worse (didn't really work).

    Now I'm only preloading some of the objects with "load OBJECTNAME images in to memory". But now sometimes the game doesn't load and sometimes it works...

    Maybe I should create the objects as global-objects in the loading-layout (or some of them) instead of calling "load OBJECTNAME images in to memory"...

    Hopefully someone can help me out.

    Best regards!


    When moving from start-layout to game-layout, all objects are created. In this step the cpu-usage (desktop-debug-preview) goes to 100% and then when everything loaded (after 1 second) the cpu-usage is at like 4-5%. So there is a big problem by creating sprites / objects in construct 3 and I don't know how to solve this...

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