Advanced Minify Error: How do I find what is causing the issue?

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  • Hi,

    after the latest update, I can't use the "Advanced Minification" anymore on my project.

    This is the error:

    /str/c3runtime.js:3599:98: ERROR - [JSC_UNDEFINED_VARIABLE] variable value is undeclared 3599| map.set(this,self.IInstance._GetInitInst().GetSdkInstance())}set value(v){C3X.RequireFiniteNumber(value);map.get(this)._SetValue(v)}get value(){return map.get(this)._GetValue()}set maximum(v){C3X.RequireFiniteNumber(v);map.get(this)._SetMaximum(v)}get maximum(){return map.get(this)._GetMaximum()}set minimum(v){C3X.RequireFiniteNumber(v);map.get(this)._SetMinimum(v)}get minimum(){return map.get(this)._GetMinimum()}set step(v){C3X.RequireFiniteNumber(v);map.get(this)._SetStep(v)}get step(){return map.get(this)._GetStep()}set tooltip(str){C3X.RequireString(str); ^^^^^ 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    It's not the first time that happens something like this, and I've always found some third party plugin that was no longer compatible. But this time, in my entire project I only use 2 third party effects and even after removing them, I can't manage to use advanced minification. I've also tried to create a new project using only these 2 third party effects, and it works so I think that I can exclude them.

    Is there any way to find out what is causing the issue reading the error or using the debug console? Thanks

  • If you get a minify error and you don't use any third-party addons or your own JavaScript code in the project, please file an issue following all the guidelines.

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  • Ashley

    After a couple hours of trial and errors, I've found out that the issue is caused by the official Slider Bar object. To reproduce the issue, create a new project, insert only the slider bar and try to export with advanced minifiy.

    Opened a bug report on Github

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