How do I add little more complicated clicker/idle stuff and can I make several game screens?

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  • So I have been checking this Construct 3 and googling all kinds of stuff related with idle/clicker/incremental games. I didn't find much, simple instructions how to add money per click and upgrading click power and increasing money earned per second. Alot of stuff was from Construct 2 times and I guess they're kind of outdated. I did also find "ClickerGameExample.capx" and I managed to add it to Construct 3, but I just wonder if its possible to go in more depth. As theres mainly platformer games made with Construct 3.

    I have been thinking if Construct 3 has it all, my questions would be,

    1. Can you make complicated idle game with Construct 3? Simple idle game would be the "legendary" Cookie clicker. I want to make a game more depth in to it that Cookie clicker with Construct 3. Is it possible? What guides/stuff should I follow, to learn how to do it without asking bunch of questions?

    2. Can you make several game screens which you could switch by pressing a button? I don't know if one game screen would be enough.

  • Yes for both questions.

    Construct 3 is not that different from Construct 2, so your capx would probably be worth it anyway.

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  • Hi sharkface,

    of course you can do huge idle / clicker games, there are no real limits in C3. If you come to a limit you can make your own functions with Javascript.

    I've made a clicker / idle game in C3 with lots of screens and stuff, just check it out here:

    Best regards.

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