Did Z-elevation and 2D rendering mode change (Z-sorting)?

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  • I recently ran into problems I don't recognize having.

    My project is top down with a bit of perspective, meaning you can go behind walls and pillars. Standard z-sorting stuff, or at least it used to be.

    I use a bit of z-elevation to add some depth, but I can't seem to make an object with z-elevation of 0.1+ go behind a wall with 0 z-elevation anymore (at least not without flickering). I'm fairly sure you used to be able to when using 2D rendering mode! (Might have to dig up some old projects to check).

    I know 3D rendering mode used to automatically sort things based on 3D variables, but you could force 2D to override that (you could change 2D/3D per layer IIRC). Now there's only a choice between perspective/orthographic projection.

    I'm not sure if this is something that came with R268, and if it might be an oversight, a bug or if I'm just missing something.

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  • I don't believe anything has intentionally changed. From years worth of experience dealing with bug reports, things like this are also very commonly just mistakes in your project that cause confusion. If you think something has changed in Construct, you can prove it by making a test project in an older release, and testing it in newer releases to see if a specific release changed how it works. If a release did break it, then you can file the test project with a bug report and let us know the release number where it changed.

  • Thank you for the reply. I learned how easy it was to launch earlier versions today! You were right, nothing has changed.

    Just for thread closure: It was always this way (z-elevation taking priority over any z-ordering), I misremembered things. I must have done "manual" calculations for the positioning in my old project.

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