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  • OK, I'm just getting back into some app development. Several years ago I created a pretty large game called Hungry Hal and xcode was a big part of getting that on the app store. Now, several years later my Mac is old (I only used it for app builds and submissions) and my version of Xcode is 7.1. The mac won't upgrade to the latest Mac OS, which meand my xcode is stuck at 7.1


    Construct 3 and Corodava seem to compile for 12 and 13 sdk, which as far as I can tell Xcode 7.1 can not handle (9.2 max). Being a total mac newbie, what OS/Xcode do I need to be running to get Construct 3 games built? I'll probably end up using a virtual environment, just need to know what to look for.


  • I was in a similar spot and I found a really good solution. You can run newer mac versions on an unsupported mac with this tool and it works perfectly fine. Also it's not complicated to use, it's pretty much an installer. I have it running on a 2009 macbook pro (yes, over 10 years old!) Well it is a bit slow overall but other than that it does its job and lets me run xcode and publish too ofc.


    I think older versions of xcode stop getting supported by apple and it will tell you when you attemt to upload. I don't remember what version I was on though when I got the message. Either way this should solve the problem.

  • Excellent. I was just actually checking that tool out. Glad to know it worked..

  • Another quick question, do builds from Construct 3 to xcode work in the Xcode Simulators?

    I finally got the latest xcode running and when I try to build/test on iphone simulators I just get this webpage error.


  • I got it, I found the fix for this by searching the forums for webassembly.

  • OMG! Nice to see you back again! I remember your twitch streams, great times (I went under the name MonDieu72 then). :D

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  • Apple's support for making apps on older macs is rather unfortunate. The official line from Apple at the moment is "Starting April, 2020, all iPhone and iPad apps submitted to the App Store will need to be built with the iOS 13 SDK or later." So as of April the minimum version will basically be Xcode 11.

    As for simulator support the restriction is Webassembly (WASM) support. There's several components in the C3 runtime that require WASM to work, such as the audio decoder and the physics behaviour. All physical iOS devices do support WASM, but for some unexplained reason it is disabled in the iOS simulator.

    If you are not using features that require WASM, the project can be modified to remove the check... but things are likely to break if they do need it ( for instance if you have audio the project will not load ). In general we advise that you should test on a physical device anyway, so most of the time it's not worth the effort.

    The C2 runtime does not have the WASM requirement so works in the Simulator, but you are obviously missing out on a fair amount of features which are only available in the C3 runtime.

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