Wront Touch coordinates when keyboard is displayed on iOS?

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  • Hello there,

    I have an issue (which looks like a bug but I might be wrong?) with getting layout coordinates of a Touch when the keyboard is displayed on my iPhone.

    I need to get the layout coordinates when the user performs a Touch on the screen. To do that, I use the On any Touch Start trigger. Then, I get the layout coordinates using Touch.X and Touch.Y. When no keyboard is displayed on my iPhone, everything is working fine, I get the proper layout coordinates.

    However, when the keyboard is displayed on the screen (in that case, because a text input is focused), Touch.Y returns a wrong value as long as the keyboard is displayed on the screen. For example, if the user touches the top-left corner of the layout, instead of getting a X,Y of 0,0, I will get something like 0,-180.

    It actually looks like the Touch.Y value is equal to what it would be if the keyboard wasn't displayed on the screen and if I touched at the exact same position on the screen, which I guess isn't the expected behavior, right?

    Would you have any clue?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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