Why i liked the Construct 3 news

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  • Hey guys , i have been looking at all of your reactions on Construct 3 news , and guys all you are talking about is 99$/Year and the Offline mode .

    Well 99$/year I find that pretty perfect , it's 8$/Month , it's almost the cost of a Kebab in Paris , i don't really see where is the problem with that , and I am a still a student and i have no extra support .

    About the offline mode , as a developer I know that HTML5 has good Offline features which can allow the App to work in offline mode and you can go where ever you want to.

    What i liked the most is that , it does have a cloud side , that's good , it means :

    • Cloud-Compilation or Cloud-Export
    • Projects production can be more easy
    • Projects collaboration can be more easy too
    • Good versioning of your projects
    • No worries about your computer and it's data getting erased or stolen
    • etc....

    finally don't judge a book by its cover , don't Jude a full application by it's 5 new news

    Let's wait and test , and test again and as a community we can give them the support and ideas to make Construct 3 a perfect product to use

  • People are way too much easily judging things. I'm kinda really hyped for Construct 3 to be honest. Of course some questions needs to be asked, like what will happen to the third party addons etc. But for now let's just wait and see. We can't judge with this amount of informations that we got with the latest blog post.

  • Posted in another topic:

    I´ll wait further news and betas for better oppinion... But I´m bit concerned about C3...

  • I'm not that happy... Chrome isn't updating on Vista anymore (I have never, ever had any problems with this version of Windows).

    I keep my development rig on low specs on purpose - to see how much stuff in my game is TOO much.

  • I use Mac at work, so now hopefully i can work on my projects when I have nothing better to do. :p

    Hopefully it will be touch/stylus friendly so i can sit on the beach with construct 3 on my belly.

  • Totally on board, man. I think it was a bad move to introduce Construct 3 with such controversial stuff instead of features, but still it's sad to see everyone reacting so poorly and being so angry instead of giving it a chance.

    That being said, I'm fearful that C3 will be tied to chrome even when offline. Hoping the offline version will be standalone.

  • Maybe if i could choose to pay one month here and there, it might work.

  • Maybe if i could choose to pay one month here and there, it might work.

    Totally agree with you, could be way more better like this.

  • Will it work in Chrome on iPad Mini 4 (iOS +8) ? It will be cool, if Construct 3 will be really multiplatform.

  • 99$ per year is cheap for such a software. It is constant income for hard working developers, which will probably result in hiring more people, updating product more frequently, bringing bleeding edge features and (with time) possibly even support for native export.

    I'm fine with the price.

  • +1

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  • rozpustelnik , dude VISTA is one of the biggest fail of Windows , update to Windows 7 , or Windows 10

    helena I hope that they plan a Monthly subscription

    rozpustelnik I am 100% with what you said

  • For me, there is no problem paying $99/year, since I use Scirra products heavely and C2 games is my source of income. Actually is very cheap for people with my perfil. But can be expensive for the ones that only would use C3 sporadically.

    For example. Adobe Illustrator cost $239/year and its very expensive for me, since I would use it only aprox. 3x per month. So I have to use free alternatives.

    Its difficult for Scirra to attend all users perfils, but I think they have to focus on the pro users. They need the most powerful engine as possible and are willing to pay for it.

  • Besides I thought it should be possible to be able to work on construct 3 for free (after subscription) and test it.. (without any kind of limits) But have to subscribe to actually make the exported version for upload.

  • For me the announcement was just poorly timed. Get us excited with screenshots and video first, then drop the technical and pricing details. =)

    I like the browser option for a couple reasons: portability and upgrades. I like that web apps are just updated when I open them. I understand that this comes with risks in game development, but I dislike manually updating things. =)

    It's also great to know that I can log in on pretty much any computer and just get to work.

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