Why i liked the Construct 3 news

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  • I'm also fine with the pricing. It's very reasonable for such an engine. But we'll yet to see the feature announcements.

  • Hey guys , i have been looking at all of your reactions on Construct 3 news , and guys all you are talking about is 99$/Year and the Offline mode .

    Well 99$/year I find that pretty perfect , it's 8$/Month , it's almost the cost of a Kebab in Paris , i don't really see where is the problem with that , and I am a still a student and i have no extra support .

    About the offline mode , as a developer I know that HTML5 has good Offline features which can allow the App to work in offline mode and you can go where ever you want to.

    What i liked the most is that , it does have a cloud side , that's good , it means :

    - Cloud-Compilation or Cloud-Export

    - Projects production can be more easy

    - Projects collaboration can be more easy too

    - Good versioning of your projects

    - No worries about your computer and it's data getting erased or stolen

    - etc....

    finally don't judge a book by its cover , don't Jude a full application by it's 5 new news

    Let's wait and test , and test again and as a community we can give them the support and ideas to make Construct 3 a perfect product to use

    I agree with you, I doubt we can meet the exceptations from the experiences of C2.

  • Besides I thought it should be possible to be able to work on construct 3 for free (after subscription) and test it.. (without any kind of limits) But have to subscribe to actually make the exported version for upload.

    The problem with your suggestion is people would just use Construct free to build full games as many as possible and pay one time to export. Or people will just buy one Construct license and use it merely to export many games created with Free versions. It's not profitable to Scirra.

  • for me the main problem is the exporter options... There are different web app that you can make your app and export (search on the web) and it works because the export works, but you can't make advance stuff like in construct2... and you have to pay with a subscription....

    now, I think the most users are worried because with construct2, they had a lot of problem to export (different bugs, performance problem...etc) everything depends by third party plugin... so, if we paid 100$ a year, do will have the same problem? I mean, you pay for using a software, but if the exporter depends by the third party doesn't make any sense to me...with construct2, you paid once, and you wait for the update, wait for the third to solve the problem... but you paid once...the software is in your computer... what if you paid and when is the time to export there are different problem? that doesn't make any sense to me...

    so, I think they find a good way, because if construct3 will have the same problem, nobody will pay for something that doesn't work really well where there are similar web app already here that doing similar stuff...

    so, I'm pretty sure Ashley solved this, just let's see, I'm pretty sure everything will works better than before... nobody will make a new software for make a big mistake and lost costumers, maybe it was better if the first news was something like a video or show some new feature for make more hype, let's see, I can't wait to use construct3!!!

  • My problem with C3 is that, from what we know so far, it's a web version of C2 with an 8$ a month subscription.

    If C3 could make games in 3d or something that genuinely could not be done in C2 with a remote desktop app then it would at least have a purpose...

    Also, for me there are no benefits right now to C3, in fact there are only disadvantages. I have a laptop so I don't need the web thing for "portability" with less convenience and I hate cloud.

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  • Will it work in Chrome on iPad Mini 4 (iOS +8) ? It will be cool, if Construct 3 will be really multiplatform.

    You can use C2 on a computer and then use something like chrome remote desktop to use it from an iPad.

  • Just keep in mind that there are many students and hobbyists here who don't use C2 heavily from the forum posts and comments I see. I use it maybe two months/year. I don't like any software subscription model because I can't freeze the license when I'm not using the software. Engines like UE4 ceased to offer that model for a reason.

    And that annual fee may sound cheap in USA or Europe but not so much in third world countries.

    That's why some online gaming services offer different prices depending on the customer's country.

    That being said, Scirra is an awesome company and I'm sure they'll post some uplifting news in the next few days.

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