What type of tutorial would be most useful to you?

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Carousel Animation, make carousel of you image gallery or anything
  • A tutorial on how to stop slacking off. :V

  • A tutorial on how to stop slacking off. :V

    Step 1: Stop Slacking off!!!!

    Step 2: Take a break now - you deserve it!

  • If this is the first tutorial you make, I would keep it simple. I create tutorials and believe me, what seems a simple tutorial gets complicated very easily. Make sure the subject you choose for your tutorial, you know it inside out. Creating a tutorial and still learning the subject will not go well together.

    Whatever tutorial you create, make sure you design your outline first. Then workout that outlines and start scripting your tutorial. When the outline itself is finished, that will give you a very good idea about the tutorial and what is necessary.

    I look forward to knowing your decision about which subject you will make your tutorial. Choose something you like to do, not what we like you to do. Something you can put your heart and soul in! Remember, it is YOUR baby!

    Keep up the good work!


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  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Keep them coming as the more I get the better idea I have of what the community wants.

  • some times you have to use for each to get all the stuff in the SOL, sometimes you don't. I usually just use the for each statement to be sure, but perhaps that is wasting time. Perhaps a tutorial on when you don't need the for each would be good.

    For example if a single sprite scedules a TIMER event for itself in the future if more than one sprite scedules that event you are going to have multiple sprites in the event not just one if they landed in the same tic.

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