Turret bullets stay still and don't work.

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  • A few days ago I made a game for fun and now am kinda into construct, I made a turret and the bullets it shoots don't work. For some reason, you have to get really close to the turret for it to shoot, and even then the bullet stays still and for some reason becomes huge.

    I'd like to know how to fix this problem.

  • Can you post the project so we can see the issue?

    As for having to be really close to the turret, the turret behavior has range a property. The is the distance in pixels from the origin of the turret that allows the turret to pickup a target. Raise this number until it is acting the way you want.

    Did you give your bullet objects the bullet behavior? The turret just spawns an object without giving it any properties. The bullet behavior is what causes these objects to act like a bullet.

    On the bullets becoming huge though, I have no idea without seeing your project.

  • Thanks for responding I will give you access to the game. Remember I'm new to Construct so it's bad.


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  • Also, the turret is near the end of the game!

  • Sorry for a lot of replies but yes I gave the bullets the bullet behavior.

  • You need to share your project file (C3P), not the exported game.

  • Yes, you need to show an export for us to help you. I looked at the console inspector and it did says the speed parameter =0. Did you put in the correct speed when you were programming it?

    I can not say how you're bullet size is too large without looking at your export. You might have accidentally made the size,width,height or scale to a very large number.

    You should show us a screenshot/video of your code or an export so we can precisely tell you what the exact issue is to help you.

  • To be able to help you, we need to have access to the project, not the exported game. Save your .c3p file to an online hosting platform like dropbox or google drive, make it sharable and past the link into a forum post. Then we can download the project, open it in Construct and see what is going on.

    I noticed playing your game that the players origin is messed up so when you turn around the sprite changes position. It is so off that if you walk next to a wall and try to turn around, you wind up in the wall and can't move. This only happens when using wasd, not the arrow keys. The arrow keys don't turn the character, they just move it.

  • You project is still marked private. You need to give access to anyone that has the link.

  • you need to place a bullet behavior on your turrets bullets so they can move. they have no movement behavior as i see on their behavior as is.

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