Timeline: Missing feature or am I missing something?

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  • Hi

    I have a question about the timeline feature.


    I'm trying to make changes to keyframes in my animation. When hitting 'S' to save the changes, Construct only saves the changes for one property and ignores the rest. I'm making this topic because I'm not sure if this is a missing feature or am I just lost here myself.

    Problem Steps

    1. Make a simple sprite object and new timeline animation where you animate it.

    2. Do a simple 3 keyframe animation where you change Y, Width and Height properties.

    3. Now go back to the second or first keyframe and change the Y, Width and Height and placement of your object.

    4. Hit "S" to save your changes to keyframe. -> Only the Y property is saved.

    I can save Width and Height changes with right click, but only one at the time. This means that for example if I want to animate something squishing I would have to first animate width property, then save. Only after this I can then animate height property. I would assume there should be a way to save all the changes in the keyframe at once.

    So am I missing something here or what?

    - - -

    Thank You

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  • A quick update.

    I think the problem might be that I may have accidentally selected the black dot ("Master Keyframe") in the keyframe (above the properties in the timeline) when I tried to animate the object.

    When I select the object in the layout (so it turns green) and animate, everything seems to be saving like it should be.

    - - -

    I'm not 100% sure yet, so I will do a couple more tests. I'll post another update later today. If everything is OK, you can just delete / lock this topic.

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  • You have to select the square element in the timeline, that is the keyframe position for the specified property, and right-click it, and Update.

    Pressing the "S" key is just to add a new keyframe, not updating the properties.


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