Tilemap borders using bilinear filtering

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  • Hi,

    What is the correct process to render everything to a base resolution and then scale that up to your screen/window resolution with filtering?

    As this seems to be the only way to avoid tile border artifacts when using bilinear filtering. This is what I would do in a custom engine but I don't know how to do this is Construct.

    Below is what I wanted to avoid.


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  • Set low-quality fullscreen mode, and Construct will render the game at a fixed size (the viewport size of the project), and stretch the result to fill the screen (according to the project sampling property).

  • Thanks Ashley, that solves the tile border issue. Unfortunately though now I can't apply the distortion effects I want (noise, bulge, blur, glow...) to the low quality render without it looking really bad.

    I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly (applying effects to a white tiled background on the top layer which multplies everything below it), or what I want is just not possible in C3.

    The way I would do this in SDL2/OpenGL would be to render everything to a texture at the base resolution and then upscale the texture to the screen/window using bilinear filtering and apply the shaders/distortions to that.

    The only way I've been able to achieve the effects I want without tilemap border issues in C3 is just to not use tilemaps and use sprites/tiled backgrounds for common platform patterns instead, but obviously this means buildings levels is more time consuming, and probably runs slower.

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