Thoughts on using construct 3 as a mockup tool?

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  • Hi,

    Recently I've had to make some mockups of a mobile app for presentation purposes.

    I doubt that the final app would be made in Construct, but it seems to be going well using it to make a wireframe of what is going on.

    Has anyone else used construct to make wireframes? If so, any tips?

    Or does anyone think there is a better tool for this kind of thing?


  • I can make PowerPoint type stuff in less time than I can make storyboards in Photoshop.

  • Do you mean a playable prototype? Yes Construct is good for that.

  • I think this actually an area where C3 really has undiscovered potential. I use it at the office a lot for any kind of communication Materials, that have nothing to do with games i.e. one time i programmed an interactive display with it for a product convention.

    Right now i'm working on an interactive application for the HR department which they will hand applicants on an iPad while they're waiting for their job interview. That will be fun as well and it's super easy with Construct. Also used it in my post-grad as an interaction designer as a prototyping tool since i wanted to present some interaction stuff that wasn't possible to show off with tools like Sketch or AdobeXD.

    So yeah, for anything that goes beyond pretty standard websites or apps it's cool to use as a mockup tool and even for interactive stuff for clients that aren't games. For me, it's kind of the modern Macromedia Director substitute :P I hope they implement the Timeline feature one day, then it REALLY would be like Director! :D

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  • That's why I asked, I couldn't find anything on it. I wasn't sure if I was making things more difficult for myself

  • Recently I've had to make some mockups of a mobile app for presentation purposes.


    Or does anyone think there is a better tool for this kind of thing?


    IMHO, Construct is good to prototype game (mobile or not mobile)

    if I try to make an apps prototype which is not a game, I prefer Adobe XD CC (it is free)

    Check :

  • Jimbojib - Construct 3 is amazing and you can make anything with it...

    Games, comics, interactive fiction, presentations and so on.

    IMO Construct 3 is the fastest way to make a 2d game full stop, and it's an amazing engine without considering whether it's html5 or native.

    HTML5 is constantly improving and speed differences for 2d games are pretty much redundant at this point. I can send the game to anyone as a simple link or a social post, and they can then be playing it within 10-20 seconds, just by clicking that link. No installs, no going through App or Play stores or anything else. The game works on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android etc. without any extra work - in my opinion, this is a dream come true!

    I feel like people are putting too much faith in apps in general. Everyone seems to be releasing stuff all the time and getting lost in the avalanche! There are many other avenues people could be exploring in order to monetise their games. I know of several devs making a very good living by making small HTML5 games.

    I personally know of a dev who makes HTML5 games for a living and tried venturing into apps. After giving it a go, he decided it was not for him, as the constant updates he had to make to his games every time a store made any sort of change, was becoming full time work (all with little payoff).

    Just wanted to share my thoughts, but I understand everyone has different end goals. For me its HTML5 games with Construct 3 :)

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