Suggestion for additional feature for the Pin behaviour

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  • Ashley

    The new features added to the Pin behaviour are great but I was thinking as well as the "Destroy with pinned object" checkbox you could have a similar thing for object visibility. If the object its pinned to is made invisible then do the same to the pinned object.

    I use Pins a lot with UI and it would simplify the code for toggling the visibility of parts of the UI.

  • For the record, here are all the features of a popular Pin+ addon, some of them are quite useful and it will be nice to see them implemented in the official behavior:

  • You could take this even further, and pin instance variables, behavior properties, effect parameters, and so on and on. But I think it's unweildly to keep adding more and more. Eventually you end up with huge lists that you have to scroll through, and it undermines our goal to make a simple tool that's easy for beginners to understand. So we have to draw the line somewhere, and I think what we have now is a good point to leave it. Pinning values is easy to do in events as well so it's really just a convenience behavior, I don't think it needs to try to solve this for everything.

  • Maybe a Inherit Value feature that took a value(s) as a parameter?


    Admittedly fairly easy to do via functions

  • Pinning values is easy to do in events

    Ashley Pinning itself can be done with events...

    To me pinning properties like mirror/flip and scale are just as important as pinning an angle. Yes, it's possible to do them with events, but it would make a lot of sense to have these features in the Pin behavior.

  • Mirror is negative width and flip is negative height. So you should already inherit mirror/flip if you pin the width/height.

  • Even better! So can you please add pin width/height? It will really help with tasks like creating modular characters.

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  • Pinning width and height was already added in one of the recent betas.

  • Oh, sorry, I was looking for a separate action, something like "Pin scale". It's working great, thank you!

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