Strange lines in C3 sprites

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  • Hey guys;

    For no apparent reason I am seeing some kind of strange lines in the borders of some sprites; I wonder if you have any guesses what is causing this, and if you saw it before:

    (If you don't see, make some zoom)

  • ... And this is not the only sprites, just examples.

    I tried reopening the images, but it keeps happening, not with all of then though. It's very random where the lines appears and when. This prints are from the preview. Strange?

  • Ashley told me how to fix this--here is what he said.

    Generally we need all the information in the bug report form to be able to help. But if you see seams along object edges when zooming out, try adjusting the "downscaling quality" project property. This can be caused by adjacent images on the same spritesheet, and high quality modes ensure things are more spaced apart which generally fixes it, but at the expense of using more memory. So unless you see it in-game it's best not to change it and ignore the seams in the editor.

  • winkr7 , Thank you.

  • i also have this problem, visible lines like artifacts on the border of images. however, i can't seem to locate in the project property how to "downscale" the quality.

  • thegeekygnome , I think he means the "Downscaling quality" under "Advanced" in the Project Properties bar.

    However, as mentioned, if like me you don't see the lines in the exported game, it's best to ignore them, and save some memory not adjusting the downscaling quality.

  • This is because your sprites aren't of good structure.

    That is, ideally, your sprite should be a square. 1024x1024 for example.

    I've had an issue with a really big sprite, about 2000x1823 say. Worked fine, no graphic issues on web. Put it on iOS and it rendered as a big black square.

    It's a pain in the arse to fix these things but pretty soon you'll just design with that in mind. :)

  • This is because your sprites aren't of good structure.

    Bro, that hurts.

    And I think it's not about the sprites, but just some imperfection in the engine or something.

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  • The issue is that a sprite is bleeding into it.

    To fix it, find your sprite in the spritesheet

    Then once you found your sprite with the lines in it, look for the surrounding sprites, one of the nearby sprites will be of the same color as the line

    Find that adjacent sprite in your project and use the crop transparent edges button

    this will put transparent edges on the sprite that is bleeding into other sprites so that the bleed will be transparent pixels and therefore it won't be visible.

    The actual issue is that you'Re using linear sampling and so it samples pixels from adjacent sprites sometimes if they don'T have transparent pixels because that'S what linear sampling does it mixes color values linearly. My solution will fix your problem

  • , you're really awesome, thanks!

  • Sweet! Fix confirmed.

  • It's always ideal to have 1 pixel transparent border for every image except tiled backgrounds.

  • It's always ideal to have 1 pixel transparent border for every image except tiled backgrounds.

    Should I make a C3 suggestion to change the C3 default crop function to: leave 1 pixel transparant border around an image?

    Or is it just as easy to do this in our own drawing software, before we export it to PNG?

  • You can do this in the editor

    holding the shift key and pressing the crop button will crop your entire animation with transparent borders

  • Lots of great information in this thread. I had a similar problem and just found a fix for it, so I thought I'd post here for anyone else reading this.

    I had a tiled background of a mountain range with a transparent top and I would get an annoying line like you described at the top. I realized that it was actually from the bottom of the mountain range as it tried to loop back around. I put a few transparent pixels at the bottom of the sprite and the line went away!

    Thanks everyone!

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