Strange behavior JumpThru. Bug or feature?

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  • I'm making a platform game. It is very important for me to accurately control the availability of the platform for the character. But JumpThru's behavior teleports the character up to an inaccessible tier. This is a bug or a feature? If this is a feature of JumpThru's behavior, I want to ask you to add the ability to disable this.

    my example:

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  • just checked your file, seems isn't a feature from what i seen in the file c3p, is more of delay in logic vs what is displayed, something is asynchronous you could say is lazy jerking. id wait for one of the scirra developers to look at it and explain it in more detail or guide you to the process of filling a bug.

    but i'd say is a bug. or is just how the calculation of things happen it might need a tweak ... or two... tested on chrome and c2 c3 runtime same result.

  • More strange bug:


    release r136 stable

  • lol, that slow jitter down hill.. i can't replicate the 2nd bug u shown, but i replaced the objects i was thinking it was cause of the tiledbackground type object, so i replaced them with sprites, i got the same result as shown 1st time by you, also i tested on 138-2 so the bug persisted further to other versions also.

    additionally i tweaked the gravity to be a bit more stronger, and see if maybe is cause of the low gravity u had there... but it is not... the platform to platform ghost stepping is still happening.

    was actually looking at where would we report a bug, i would file this report on github page supported by scirra here submit c3 bug

    also read this before posting there more information about links regarding C3 bugs etc

  • Yes, this is bug. File new in github.

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