SpriteSheeting Files at Export Possible?

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  • Hi,

    I have developed a project with near to 1200 number of "FIles Imported"!

    When the project is exported to Html 5 it have 1200 separate files in total. This exceeds the limit of number of files in zip on itch.io

    Is it possible to spritesheet these files during export?



  • Try increasing Max Spritesheet Size in project parameters under Advanced tab.

  • I think he means, files from the Files Folder. I do not think there's such feature, if it is outside Construct 3. 🤔

    Sprite-sheeting only applies inside Construct 3.

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  • Yes i am looking for a solution for files from the Files Folder!

  • I deleted a duplicate topic. Please only ask the question once.

    Construct already spritesheets images.

    Spritesheeting files does not really make sense, since spritesheets are images, and files may not be images.

    If you have trouble with itch.io restrictions, you should take it up with itch.io.

  • Hi,

    I mistakenly added the topic first at construct 2 forum and could not find a way to move it so duplicate topic!

    i asked itch.io first but its a limitation they can't change, thus am looking for a solution here!

  • You can make your own external sprite sheets with Tiled Background using the offset texture feature.


  • Are all of these 1200 files images? Can you give a little more information about them?

  • The 1200 are like cards, i could have simply added them to a sprite, but the game screen currently shows more than 100 random cards on screen!

    To do this i am currently adding image from url (imported file)! If i add all cards in a single sprite, I am afraid it will make game lag and use lot of memory! If i use separate sprite for each card it will take hours of work and future mess to handle all 1200 sprites (assume if i have to change something in a sprite)!

  • Can you group these images into several sprites? Say, 100 images per sprite. Of course, if you need to display many random images from different sprites, this will use the same amount of memory as 1200 images in one sprite..


    You can try packing the images into one or several zip files. Here is an addon that allows to extract files from zip:


    Although I don't know if this will work in an HTML5 game.

  • dop2000

    That seems like a great idea! Will try that!


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