Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • FunkY Koval

    I will look into this in the future. I'm not sure when, but definitely not before late next month, as the move has been delayed and is still eating up a lot of time.


    Thank you. Possibly/probably no bug is definitely good news.


    Yes. Use File | Generate spritesheets for project images and in the dialog that appears make sure to embed the spritesheet info into the file so the plugin can read it. And on the left side of the dialog there are options for how to size the spritesheet including splitting it into multiple sheets.

  • 8-12-2021

    • Fixed a bug where projects could sometimes freeze on single atlas image projects in newer versions of C3
  • hi lucid zip file is not importing in construct 3. Even I tested old files but not importing. I tested it with last 2 released plugins but not working but its working on version 2-6-2021b

  • luckyrawatlucky


    • Fixed bug (introduced when multi-spritesheet import was added) that prevented non-self-draw zip files from being imported.
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  • Hi lucid, I'm trying to find a way to add expressions originalObjectX, originalObjectY and originalObjectAngle, to be able to make relative movements, which require a base value.

    However, I've only managed to get the value of bones, and unfortunately it is not a decent implementation due to having to access the keys directly, which I don't think I can make a pull request out of from. I wanted to make it work with all objects, including sprites, just like the objectX, objectY, and objectAngle.

    I wanted to create something like currentMappedState and currentObjectState, but for the starting frame/key, but I cannot trace how they're made.

    Is it possible you could guide me to the method I should look for, to where I can record anoriginalMappedState and originalObjectState?

    Also, is it correct for me to presume that map means the target key value, and the object means the tweened value?

    Thank you.

  • spriter plugin doesn't scale using tween behavior.

  • Hey lucid have you had a chance to check out the new 3d camera, and see if you could set it up to do animated mesh billboards (paper mario-ish) yet?

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to dynamically import Spriter animations? So that they can be loaded into the game via AJAX?

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to dynamically import Spriter animations? So that they can be loaded into the game via AJAX?

    Yes it is :)

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Edgar is still tied up with the next beta build of Spriter 2, but will make an update to the spriter plugin in the near future which will hopefully address these reported issues.

  • > Does anyone know if it is possible to dynamically import Spriter animations? So that they can be loaded into the game via AJAX?

    Yes it is :)

    wow! how can it be? any docs?

  • lucid

    I have a question. If I say when I click on scml object then set scml opacity to 50. then in Runtime I actually have to click on that 50x50 size scml object to change opacity, why not if I click on any image of scml contained objects then change opacity to entire scml objects? I know I can get this by click on its family.

  • lucid

    Hi, I found a small bug. When adding an scm object as a child to a sprite with the item z elevation marked, when the sprite command Move to top on layer, the scml object does not change its position z-index

  • Hi lucid

    I'm trying to play animation between 0-1 ratio but it looks like "set current time in animation" doesn't work.

    is there anyone who can test this and confirm if this not working for you too or just I'm doing some mistake here.


  • I can't get Animation Override to work with the animation index. The purpose is to allow the hands or feet of the player to continue un-interrupted when attacking and running or for the y position of the character to remain unchanged during 1 animation if another is playing.

    I know this action runs every tick. If I'm not mistaken, the way I have set it up is correct and straight forward - it is as follows:

    is animation "attack", override animation "animation index" "1"

    I assume the animation index refers to the ID of an animation (looks that way in the scon file) and behaves like the animation index in C3 (being a 0 based system). In this case, my first animation in my player entity is idle or 0. The 2nd animation is run or 1. However, this does not affect the animation at all.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks so much in advance - I know you guys are super busy!

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