Sprite goes behind the layout "canvas" when moved to bottom Layer

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  • Hi one and all, I really need some help with this.

    I'm using Construct 3 (non-free version) to create a game demo and in one of my layouts I have 4 different layers.

    I tried to move a sprite from Layer 1 to Layer 0, and everytime I try this, it sends the sprite behind the "canvas".

    I'm racking my brains as to why this is happening and what the solution is - Google also came up with nothing to solve it.

    To test that it wasn't just the sprite, I tried it with other ones, and the same thing happened.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. In the image I've attached, the blue square is the annoying sprite that keeps getting put behind the "canvas" and sending me insane lol

  • Could it be that the layer "Train" is set to not transparent?

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  • That works! I've set the "Train" layer to transparent and when I move the Sprite it doesn't disappear - but I would still like to know why it goes behind when that layer isn't transparent . . .

    I'm not asking for a solution, as the one you've given me is perfect for what I'm trying to do

    A simple, possible stupid, issue, but still:::

    You're a legend WackyToaster :)

  • Well transparent = see-through. So if the layer is transparent... you see through. If it isn't, you don't :V

  • lol thank you :D

    Sometimes my brain fails me

    To be honest, I didn't actually notice I could make the layour transparent, so thank you for showing me!!

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