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  • Oh okay... I see now, thanks for your time!

  • Great work on the plugin guys! I recently got Spine and my first character worked straight out of the box. Awesome!

    I noticed I had to use a 3.8 legacy export to be compatible with this addon. However, that destroyed my bezier curve animation data (turning all keyframes into linear). It's a limitation on Spines end, and kind of a bummer.

    I was wondering if any progress has been made on porting the 4.0.x runtime to Construct 3?

  • Have not started on 4.0 yet, but will be looking into it after the holidays. Glad it's working for you at the 3.8 level.

    Originally, I was going to wait for C3 webGPU support to do 4.0, but after discussing with Ashley, at least the first version of C3 webGPU support will limit how we can do Spine tint color, tint dark color. So, now I will focus on 4.0 after the holidays with the current WebGL support.

  • Alright thanks for the update. That's great news!

  • Does the plugin work with Spine version 3.8.75 ?

    There is no way to make exported objects work in construct 3.

  • 3.8.75 does not work (spine-ts runtime issue), use a later version. I will add this note to the github page.

  • Spine 4.0 beta test ongoing, you must export from Spine 4.0 (3.8 exports will not work.)

    Rilem reimuxx RoosterDota

    If you already have experience with Spine and the C3 plug-in, try it out. If you have not used the C3 plug-in before, I recommend staying with the current 3.8 version as the new 4.0 beta may have bugs.

    4.0 beta:


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  • Thank you very much, Mikal. In fact, I just discussed with my partner today about when the spine plug-in will be updated. This is a surprise

    It is worth mentioning that the new version of the plugin doesn't seem to work in the C3 R278.2 release, but it works fine when you roll back to R276.2.

    Thank you again for

  • You are welcome reimuxx.

    It works for me in R278.2, did you try the sample project with the release?

    If it does not, can you check the dev console for errors?

  • I got an error when uploading games to facebook instant game, it can't load json, plist and png files

  • For instant games, I think C3 changes the files into raw data URIs. In previous versions of the plug-in (1.x.x), raw data URI are not supported by spine-ts 3.8, so it will not work.

    However! In the beta version of the plug-in 2.x.x which uses spine-ts 4.0, there may be a chance for this to work, but I have not tested it yet, there may be work to do.

    You could try the 2.x.x C3 spine plug-in version, just to see. Otherwise, wait for me to test and figure out if some changes are needed to enable the raw data URI support (I have not developed FB instant games before.)

  • I already know where it goes wrong, this problem is caused by construct automatically renaming the file from uppercase to lowercase when exporting. i changed it back to uppercase and it worked. thank!

  • You are welcome reimuxx.

    It works for me in R278.2, did you try the sample project with the release?

    If it does not, can you check the dev console for errors?

    Thanks. The plugin works in the new version of C3 as well, but I don't know if I made a mistake when I changed it

    When [Set Animation Mix] and [On Animation Finished] are used On an animation at the same time, there is a certain probability that the animation will be skipped

  • tuzke good job figuring it out! So, no raw data uris, that's much easier to handle!

    reimuxx do you have a simple test case I can look for the animation mix/finish issue?

  • Please explain how to use BboxOverride. So that the animation is not cut off.

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