Something is limiting my framerate.

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  • A little back story, I've been using Construct for awhile on my laptop, recently my laptop made its departure from this world. So I moved all my work over to my desktop, "shouldn't be a problem" I thought to myself, my desktop is far more powerful than my laptop and my laptop was maintaining 60fps on my games. Once on my desktop i noticed my games were running slower, so I opened up the debug, and sure enough, I was at 24fps, but my CPU and GPU usage are REALLY low, so I don't think its lag. And when I open it on Edge instead of Chrome or nw.js it darts up to 60fps, but its CPU usage jumps to 10x what it was using on Chrome and nw.js. I upgraded my GPU anyway thinking maybe it would solve the issue. But it hasn't, so I am wondering if anyone else has encountered similar issues? or can think of any fixes?


  • Additional information: I was going over the differences between Edge and Chrome and I noticed that Edge isn't using my GPU and Chrome is, however I cannot figure out why my GPU is limiting me to 24fps, I've gone into the settings and set a cap at 60fps. I am slightly relieved at the thought of other people not having these issues, but I would like to be able to test my games at 60fps. But nothing I've done has been able to move the frame rate limit above 24fps. Currently running an nVidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super 8gb.

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  • Make sure to update your graphic card drivers.

    Also, on some computers equipped with a graphic chipset on the motherboard, you might need, in Windows, to "tell" the application whether to use the chipset or the dedicated graphic cards (and in your case, you should "tell" Edge to use the graphic card and not the chipset).

    You can make an online search to check out how to apply those settings accordingly to the OS you are using.

  • Thank you very much! I have succeeded in bringing my Edge fps down to 24, which helps prove my hypothesis, but I just don't know why my GPU is limiting me like this. Only 4% CPU utilization and <1% GPU utilization, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am stuck at 24fps. When it ran at 60 on my laptop.

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