[Solved] Large tilemap performance problems. Also a bit of construct 3 feedback

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  • I have a tilemap, which i also use in another layout. there i filled it. Problem now, as the tilemap is completly filled, its very laggy to draw in :( Is there a way to empty this instance of the tilemap?


    Thats for my question...

    For the feedback:

    In constrcut 2 it was no problem at all to handle this size of tilemaps. I use construct 3 for a few weeks now and there are parts of it i rly love! All the new features and the workflow is very good... However, nothing that could not have be done in c2! What i dont like about C3 is the performance of the editor... Everything is kind of unresponsive especially in bigger projects. Also it crashes quite often for me, when setting image points for example... Also yesterday my internetconnection was gone and i could not start C3... So i was not able to continue to work... I am just a bit angry, because non of this was ever an issue in C2 :( Its a lot of little things that are just not nececary with a program that not runs in the browser...

    Anyways i dont want this to be a rant, but it would be nice to know how i can handle the big tilemap? how do i "delete" the tiles so it is responsive and i can draw on it again?

    Di i have tio create a new tilemap?`

    Kind regards


    Update: I deleted a few tiles, then selected those and deleted more and so on till the tilemap was empty, still its very laggy and i cant draw... i will ad a new tilemap for now till there is a solutuon....

  • what size tilemap is it and what is the size of the tilemap object you are making in the editor?

    I have seen a few laggy things in the editor because I also have a fairly large project. One thing that helped me was to off-load all my function, variables other "global code" into #include sheets, this really helped my performance.

    Also in setting I turn off things like, Animated UI etc..

    EDIT: I just saw your GIF - that size looks like it should be fine.. although I can't tell the size of your actual tiles. I have a 3000x480 tile object (tiles are 32x32) and it runs totally fine (editing in the editor).

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  • Well the bigger tilemap is 40000x40000px It actually runs pretty good ingame but in the editor its a bit laggy. ITs ok as long as i dont edit it. The smaller oney are the ones i want to edit. However that doesnt work because he somehow adapts the size of the other (bigger) instance.

    However it seems that there is another problem...

    the project has 1 MB when i save it and my pc has 32GB of memory.. never have run out of it lol

    And thanks for all the tips! i diabled the animated UI already, however the include sheets is a very good idea :) Still, i miss construct 2 a bit where i never had those issues :(

  • To answer my own Question:

    1) Export the Tilemap

    2) Open the *.tmx file

    3) change the tilemap size to 1

    4) delete the tilemap data exept for the first entry.

    5) Happy tilemap editing

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