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  • I like the idea of Construct 3, but feel like I am a paying beta tester at this point.


    Previews wont load in Chrome, Chrome crashes and says it runs out of memory.

    Saving is slow..couldnt tell you how many times I didn't realize it wasn't done saving to Google Drive before I closed chrome to go run some errands or something come back and realize a chunk of work is missing and I have to re-do it. It doesn't help that the percentage stays at 0% no matter how far it is into the save process.

    Loading a project is pretty slow as well. I mean its not horrible, but a couple of minutes...Construct 2 loaded bigger projects in like 10 seconds.

    Now I put a lot of work into the Construct 3 project after importing from Construct 2 project trying to get it in a state where I can put up a trailer in Steam as its already approved, but using Construct 3 is only making it more difficult and more time consuming than it already is without these issues.

    The problem with creating something for a browser is that browsers can be different based on the user. So many different variables to account for. Horrible decision to make construct 3 browser based.

    Fairly disappointed in Construct 3, way step backwards in regards to usability from what Construct 2 is, and its the same thing, not really anything to new or great to spend the extra money on. I don't want to hear the blah blah its in beta, blah blah it has bugs, blah blah. I paid for it already, I should at least be able to use it in a reasonable way.

    Man I am not looking forward to going back to Construct 2 and re-doing weeks of work. *Sigh

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  • I like the idea of Construct 3, but feel like I am a paying beta tester at this point.

    Don't expect any sympathy from them. It's our own fault for subscribing so soon, apparently.

    Personally i'd like to see license begining from the officially launch date, it would be a lot fairer to early adopters and would encourage people to subscribe sooner knowing they get a bit more time with the full version as a thank you for beta testing and helping to improve the software.

  • I don't expect sympathy really. They no doubt are putting a lot of hours and work into construct 3 but in my opinion it's a step backwards.

    Opens the opportunity to check out other software and just continue using construct 2 I guess.

  • I have to pay the business license cost which is more expensive. I don't care because i want to support Scirra. Bur seriously, i cannot even preview my games that work just fine in c2. It's been like this for almost a month so my subscription is literally going to waste.

  • Hardly after the deadline of the jam: same problems as you in a particularly different context.

    In the greatest moments of despair and in a very isolated spot with a true-low-wifi-bandwith.

    Basically: Nothing worked anymore in nomad laptop mode.

    I was able to work through it by using only local files.

    And after C3 was in offline mode (difficult updates).

    What I retain from this experience

    (load/save/freeze/slowness issues):

    • Kill tasks
    • Empty cache
    • Relaunch C3
    • Offline mode
    • Load local
    • Save local

    If this can help some of us or lost readers!

    However, I'm waiting for the standalone version too.

    Would it be possible to have a period estimation?

  • I don't think you'll get an estimation. They are very busy yet they seem to spend time working on things like themes, which in my opinion could wait until after launch, then giving themselves more work with all the theme bugs, instead of finishing core features like SDK to provide full c2 compatibility, or working on memory issues.

  • This sounds like this Chrome bug which was already investigated, reported, and fixed. Chrome Canary should be a lot better now, and the fix should make Chrome 60 which should be out in a couple of weeks.

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