Simple Google Login Possible Solution for Saving Game On all Platforms

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  • Hi,

    If you develop a mobile game then a save game feature to backup your progress online so user can change devices without starting over again is a vital key in keeping customer retention.

    Now we have three major options to do this:

    Google Play Save Game Feature

    Firebase Database

    MySQL Database

    I have seen request posts for Google Save Game as most indie mobile developer's first focus is google play due to its affordability and popularity, but "its not beneficiary for all as is platform specific" - according to scirra.

    So next best option is Firebase which can save for all platforms the database to hold leaderboards and game progress, But there is no plugin support for it in construct, there are many request posts (as majority of construct users are here for its non-coding platform i assume) for many years but its not yet implemented i don't know why.

    Now the next and possibly last viable option for construct users is to use MySQL with free web hosting sites, but the problem is that noone wants to put login id and password anymore (in games atleast) as most of the games out there use a simple one click gmail login where user just have to choose the email id and its done. (Ex : Subway Surfers)

    And if i am not wrong, this is also not yet supported by construct. So my question is when? as it could be the most basic feature that can be used to get users to save progress with ease.

    I added this suggestion, please add your vote here

  • You should do a search in the forums using the keyword "Firebase", especially around the dedicated forums to plugins (for C3 for example, check the Plugin SDK forum) and you will see actual existing third-part plugins for FireBase.

    The issue is going to be the same for most solutions you talk about, you will need to handle the server side of your database, and this is out of the scope of Construct anyway.

    Otherwise, the tools to communicate with existing databases already exist, as you mostly require AJAX.

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  • use playfab. you can save all data you need for every player, accessible for all platforms. inventories, currencies, leaderboards, etc. all you need. you can connect the player to android, ios, steam, xbox, facebook, google, appleID, etc, as well as custom ID.

  • Kyatric

    I searched and to be honest i didn't knew that rex firebase was ported, i thought "construct master collection" by chadori (which is priced too high in my opinion) was the only option.

    But these third party plugins (with due respect to the authors who provide them for free) always end up broken for months before the author have time to look into it and there is no support at all in some cases.

    So why not a built in plugin for firebase?

    Also there are people who would like there database stored on their servers or webhosting sites, all they need is a basic login button for google. So i can't see why it should not be on a priority list.


    Playfab is a great option but do they provide a plugin for C3?

  • you can access playfab with javascript.

    But also Chadori has plugins for all playfab integrations and modules, the best plugin package there is for C3. But they are not free. But if you are a serious developer you should have them ;)

    There also already exist Firebase plugins for C3, but Firebase is not built for these functionalities really..

  • So why not a built in plugin for firebase?

    Because the resources at Scirra are limited.

    This is a small company with a few people only.

    Because FireBase is not the only solution existing and it depends on the user to implement it, according to their server.

    Because the SDK is there to help implement solutions that will not fit for the greater number of users while our dev team focuses their efforts on other requested features.

  • I have a basic firebase example up for use with javascript. If you have a little knowledge of js or are not afraid to learn something new it should be pretty easy to adapt. The easiest example would be to save everything into an array/dictionary and send the array.asJSON to firebase. Then you won't have to bother with the data structure of firebase and just have a single point of interaction between construct and firebase.

  • fredriksthlm

    But if you are a serious developer you should have them ;)

    It has nothing to do with being serious developer, its way too expensive, i don't need other plugins and i don't wanna rely on third party plugins unless its a necessity.


    Because FireBase is not the only solution existing and it depends on the user to implement it, according to their server.

    The ultimate need is to provide something to help on saving data side, as i said in my first post... Firebase and google Save Game and MySQL are options, i agree none of them is only solution but a Simple Login Feature is a required feature according to me (like asking for rating was which just got implemented although its just usable for android).


    Thank you for the example file, will definitely try to learn how it works!

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