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Several elements of the game interface hidden objects
  • In the Sprite editor, CTRL + F doesn't mirror the sprite horizontally, but it mirrors it vertically! CTRL + M is doing the opposite as well.

    Also, PLEASE make it possible to mirror a selection of sprites. Same for rotation, etc. A 'Mirror selection' in the dropdown should do it. I can't believe this is not already added, this is simple stuff!

    I asked this before I think, but here it is anyway; please also add a button to update/reload the sprites. For this, also make a 'Update selection'! These things are a pain in the butt to do manually.

    Also, if you press F5 or the button to test, and you click the tab away because sometimes you wanted to choose Debug instead of preview only, so you quickly click the tab away, but hitting any of the preview buttons won't work anymore until you completely reload C3 in the browser. C'mon guys..

    Honestly I didn't expect these simple things weren't already added and fixed after three years of C3.


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  • I have another suggestion regarding Searching the event sheets.

    How about you make the Search result box minimizable? That would be SO handy.

    Also, how about a 'double search'? E.g. You would be able to search for an object, but also an action or condition. If I need to search for the object 'PlayerCar' and want to know where I stored a condition 'PlayerCar.Y = ...' now ofcourse I could type it in directly, but I just mean the option to 'filter' your search results.

    For example a search box for 'Objects', 'Conditions', 'Actions' sort of like that. It's easy to forget where you set certain actions, and if you type in 'PlayerCar' I also get other results, usually a really like, and also the DOUBLE amount of results, since it also searches actions, everything.

    Could use some sort of filter here!

    P.S. Some feedback on suggestions and the 'bugs' I posted would be nice.. are they being fixed?

  • As described in the forum & community guidelines, please post bugs to the bug tracker following all the guidelines (we need all that information to be able to help). We also have a suggestions platform where users can vote on suggestions. In both cases these provide one place for us to deal with these, since things only mentioned in passing on the forum are easily lost. I'd also add we are a small company and we get far, far more suggestions than we could possibly implement, so I'm afraid I can't make any promises about suggestions. If it collects lots of votes on our suggestions platform and is quick to do, it's more likely we can address it.

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