scrollbar jump - MacBook/Safari ... anyone else?

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  • I'm experiencing a frustrating issue with scrollbars "jumping" to the top when I'm in the editor.

    For example: If I'm in the upper right project window and I click+drag the scrollbar down to find object types that start with "T" (or whatever letter at the bottom), once I move off the scrollbar and mouse over an object I want to click on, the scrollbar jumps all the way back to the top, and I can't select the object I was scrolling to.

    Current workaround, I can click on the first object then arrow down to the one I was looking for, the properties window in the upper left will change each time I arrow down until I eventually get to what I'm looking for. If I accidentally mouse over the objects while arrowing down or after, the scrollbar will jump to the top again. The properties window does not change though, so I am still able to get the properties I wanted.

    Additionally, similar behavior will happen in the event sheet. If I add a new event and want to click+drag it to a different position. Usually when I get to the position I want (as if it knows), the scrollbar jumps to the top.

    I'm using a MacBook with Safari 12.1.1 and experience this behavior with either the trackpad or a wireless USB mouse.

    I'm looking to see if anyone else had heard of this and what I might try or do to fix.

    Thanks for any assistance!

  • it's probably this issue,

    is a bug probably the content you hover scrolls the entire content up... it will probably be fixed in the new update of C3 if you submit this as a bug.

    till then try see if this happens if you are using chrome, mozzila or any other prefered browser, outside safari on your macbook.

    P.S i don't have a IOS device so i can't confirm, but is just some hover issue not a big deal, it will be fixed if reported properly.

    If you didn't had this issue before on a older version of C3 you can use // and replace r153 to the version that you didn't had problems with, just pay attention to any changes between older and new version, you might have new features you are using that are probably not available.

    here is the list of the versions

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  • thank you

  • I tried to bring it up here 🤷

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