Scrolling issue in editor on Safari on macOS

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  • For some reason, every single window that has a scroll bar randomly won't allow scrolling to the bottom, as it will automatically force-scroll to the top as soon as you scroll down.

    See attached GIF.

    This makes the editor completely unusable, as whenever any window gets too long I can no longer work with the data that's outside the viewport.

    Ever since I first started using C3 it has been virtually unusable for me on Safari, so I have to ask, is it really being thoroughly tested by the devs on macOS and Safari the way that I'm assuming that it is in other major browsers?

    Also, is this a known issue? Is there a way around it?

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  • If it's a known issue it'll be on the bug tracker, and if not then please file a report following all the guidelines so we can investigate. Make sure you're using the latest version of Safari and Construct 3.

  • I mostly just wanted to understand if the issue is known and has a known fix, and how much testing that's being done in macOS/Safari since I've had so many issues with that platform that Construct is barely usable for me. This is just one of many problems I've had with that platform, so it'd be nice to know if macOS/Safari is a secondary platform to you, or if you QA test for macOS/Safari as much as you do for other platforms.

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