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  • Could scirra add 3ds support with construct 3 ? Yes, im aware its an older console, which will be eclipsed by the switch, but its still a nice console which's cheap and has a huge catalog. The wii u supported html5, right? Does the 3ds also support it? Itd be amazing to quickly build titles for the 3ds with construct. Also maybe itll be easier than the switch with regards to support.

  • The browser of the "New 3DS" supports it. If you have one you can test it yourself. The browser of the "old" 3DS didn't, as far as I know.

    But you will probably be restricted to exactly that way of distribution, people visiting a website with your game. No way to get them into the catalog.

  • really? construct 2 supported the wii u right? it added a native wii u build. the wii u supported html5 couldnt this be exactly like for the 3ds?

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  • Wii U had nothing native from Construct. Maybe with the Chowdren exporter it's possible.

    Also even saying the WiiU supported HTML5 games is like saying your Windows 95 computer can play games. Sure, it "can", but nothing past Direct X 8.

    The 3DS has even less power, and the Switch has only slightly more.

    Nintendo products aren't meant to play HTML5 games, and I doubt they will. Exporters like Chowdren do a decent job of porting to native export instead, but it only supports Construct 2 right now and is early.

    For true native console export, need to look elsewhere.

  • FYI, Chowdren does support Nintendo 3DS. There is also some support for C3, but only when using the C2 runtime.

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