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  • Chrome keeps running out of memory. I have an animation that is about 60mb. It's a big file but its a animated sequence for the opening of my game. How do i get around this?

  • Maybe this can help if you have enough RAM on your machine.

    I don't know if this would help but if you created an icon for C3, you can add this command line switch to the launch icon.

    --max_old_space_size 4096 (if you're using 64-bit version)

    --max_old_space_size 1024 (if you're using 32-bit version)

    60Mb doesn't sound very much, maybe you should file a bug for it as well?

  • When does it run out of memory? It could be related to this.

    It's also worth checking you're using the 64-bit version of Chrome.

  • Ashley yea, it goes out when I'm trying to preview the animation in the animation editor and whenever I try to preview the layout. This happens every single time.

    I do have a question. I am adding a lot of art assets to this project as a whole and I've only really added the logo animated PNG sequence.

    Is chrome going to be a huge blocker for development for an asset/animation heavy project?

    That's my concern at the moment.

    I'm working on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16


    16 gig

    512 ssd

    and sometimes working on the smaller 13 inch model


    16 gig


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  • I think there's a couple of memory management bugs we need to work out. There's no fundamental reason Chrome can't handle large data sets efficiently.

  • Ashley - I'm getting the following error while opening the C3 editor, i dont know if this is related to what Notiongames is experiencing...

    Storage Error:

    Unable to write to storage. this available quota may be full. Try freeing up storage space on your device.

    Windows 10 computer (happens on both my laptop and desktop machine).

    Occurs when first opening the editor. not even loading a project etc.

    I have tons of free hard drive space available and plenty of desktop memory available. so perhaps its a setting somewhere in chrome?

    Edit: In the "About" page of the C3 editor it says "Local Storage" Approximately 26 mb storage used of 97 mb quota (26.6%) Storage Status Unavailable

  • justifun - that does sound like you're running out of disk space. Chrome gives each page a quota which is a percentage of the free space on disk, and a 97mb quota is tiny and suggests you are nearly out of space. This is not related to the other problems in this thread.

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