Rare editor bug.

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  • Hi there.

    I've encountered some months ago in Chrome a weird bug in C3 that made it unusable.


    Although I provided extensive info and made myself available to provide more necessary info, Scirra (Ashley) decided it was best just to close it due to no repro.

    I later changed browsers because, as I mentioned, it was unusable. And after months using Edge, now it happens in Edge too. Same error, same everything.


    It was also closed due to no repro. In both instances nothing extra was asked of me, but information that was unrealistically achievable, meaning "steps to reproduce". Everything happened in clean versions of Both Chrome and Edge, both times the only steps that I could replicate were: "turn on my computer... and voila."

    As it is right now C3 is unusable for me, but apparently I'm the only cursed a**hole that encountered this bug. I would appreciate any feedback you might have on solving this, or any extra information you can magically give Scirra, because I'm out.

    This is also kinda a goodbye from C3 and the community because I doubt anyone can do anything about it, and as I said multiple times, C3 is unusable mostly because I cannot trust it more than anything else. It is not a critical error, but it is there, it affects me negatively and Scirra won't do anything about it.

    You all helped me a lot and I hope I helped a little too. Good bye.


  • You are understandably upset, but I can agree with Ashley - with just a screenshot there is nothing to investigate. Since this only happens on your PC, only you can find what's causing it. Some things I would try - Desktop Build, incognito mode in all browsers, disabling antivirus/VPN etc., check errors in browser console log, try a different user profile in Windows, update video drivers...

  • I think you may be running out of space in the browser's storage cache... there is a limit on how much a domain (in this case construct.net) can store in the cache. How much free space do you have on your C:\ drive? Do you use the beta versions of Construct?

  • dop2000 Incognito mode does nothing and is not feasible because the issue is that if I clear my cache, the problem goes away even in normal mode, but I have to reset C3 settings all over again, and there is no easy way of doing it, like importing settings, for example, like in a json file, that would solve my problem, but it doesn't exist. Desktop build also does nothing. I use no antivirus nor vpn. Also, as I mentioned, the problem occurred even on clean installations of both Edge and Chrome.

    I did use console log to check for errors and it churned out a significant amount of information, as seen in my first opened issue. Warnings and errors all around, but also nothing was done about it.

    EDIT: Also, I don't agree with you nor Ashley that screenshots are not helpful. You can clearly see a decent amount of information on my screenshots for the first issue. I just didn't had the energy anymore on the second one (which is the same issue).

    simstratic I've cleared my cache many times and it always happens again and again. Chrome started doing this for me some months ago, but Edge only started doing it when 216 launched, which makes me think there's something related to versioning. I did not update to 216 on the fly, but on my first login after it launched, there the bug was. I have pretty decent space on my drive and I do use beta versions.

    On a side note, I always open the page through a bookmark that I manually edit the number version to keep using it. I really can't think of anything else.

    But as I said. I appreciate the help, but I guess this is it.


  • Does this happen on multiple projects, new projects or just one current project you have? Because, there is a chance your project might have silently corrupted.

    If you think this is the case, try this:

    1. Chrome > F12 > Application (tab) > Clear site data (button)
    2. Install your addons (if any).
    3. Open your project.
    4. Save as project folder (in a separate folder).
    5. Close the current project.
    6. Chrome > F12 > Application (tab) > Clear site data (button)
    7. Install your addons (if any).
    8. Open your new Construct 3 project. (The one created from a separate folder.)
    9. Save project as new .c3p.
    10. Install your addons (if any).
    11. Chrome > F12 > Application (tab) > Clear site data (button)
    12. Install your addons (if any).
    13. Try now continuing your work.

    If you want to really move on, I can understand. But, this might be useful for future users who still want to continue, just in case.

  • there is no project related. It is an editor problem.

  • Any Chrome addons?

  • As I mentioned a couple of times, the issue reproduces with clean versions of both Chrome and Edge.

  • dupuqub Can you please try this. Open Construct, click Menu -> View -> Storage cleanup and post a screenshot of that here.

  • As I mentioned a couple of times, the issue reproduces with clean versions of both Chrome and Edge.

    A fresh install doesn't mean it won't install plugs if you sync your account.

    Then Edge basically is Chrome. Same open source engine.


    Also this shot- user-images.githubusercontent.com/34659544/89725979-11101f80-d9ec-11ea-9494-95325b313c14.PNG

    Shows an outline rather than a shadow. Possible driver issue.

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  • Also, I cleared the 6 versions, now and then, the issue persists.

  • newt that's true, but in this case I mean a installed them without synching my account, therefore a perfect clean version. Even after I formatted my pc, twice.

  • This problem is strictly related to what C3 does to restore the main layout of panes. It is a long standing issue, and we haven't been able to pin down what causes it, mainly because it is very difficult to reproduce, personally I have never seen it.

    By deleting the information from the browser's storage, the problem can be avoided. With no pane state data, C3 will just load with the default pane layout. Of course this is only a stop gap measure and the problem will eventually resurface.

    The easiest way to "fix" this is by deleting all the browser's storage, but that is not always desirable, as you loose other setting which have nothing to do with this. To delete just what is causing the problem do the following.

    In Chrome:

    1. Open Developer tools
    2. Go to the Application tab
    3. Expand the indexedDB entry
    4. Expand the PersistantMap entry
    5. Click on keyvaluepairs
    6. Right click and delete the "UI_STATE" entry

    That should get rid of only the part that is causing problems, instead of all the settings.

    It would be very useful to get a copy of the data that is causing problems, but I just realized that it is quite difficult to copy data right out of developer tools.

    I wrote the steps very quickly, so if you need any help finding any of those things just post back.

  • DiegoM do you know if its possible to come up with a way to automate those steps as a work around until the problem is fixed?

  • Of the top of my head, I would write a Chrome extension. I would also need to look up a guide, because I can not remember at all how those work.

    Assuming the extension can have access to indexedDB, which is not too far fetched, it should be possible to programmatically find the data that needs to be deleted.

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