A question about memory use - for Ashley / Tom :)

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  • Hi Ashley and Tom

    I have a question about memory use - it would be really cool to hear from the founders of Construct, to help put me on the right track.

    I don't always make the conventional types of games, made with Construct (e.g. platformers, shooters, physics).

    Here is one of my examples - http://www.ninjadoodle.com/clickplaytime-6http://www.ninjadoodle.com/clickplaytime-6

    Since one of my goals is to make fullscreen browser games (as well as mobile playable), I'm trying to find a good balance between high resolution and memory use.

    Since Construct doesn't support containers (in the sense that you put objects inside a container, then tween, squash and stretch as if it were one object), I have to export animation sequences for some of my levels.

    My sprites can often be very large, as they are the main focus of the puzzle/level. I've tried most of the tips and tricks I could think of, but without compromising my designs, I'm finding it very hard to stick to the 100mb recommendation for memory use.

    I see that this article was written some time ago, and was wondering whether you might have a recommendation for a 'safe' memory use limit that I should stick to, as a middle ground between memory use and the types of levels I want to create.

    Thank you very much in advance for taking the time out to read this post

  • Where's the article that says 100mb is the recommended limit? I think I should just delete that. It must have been written when phones mostly had very little memory. Most modern devices have 1GB+ of RAM so generally I don't think memory usage is as much of a problem as it used to be. You can probably safely use 400-500mb now. I try to avoid writing guidelines like this though, since as you've noticed, they always go out of date!

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  • Hi Ashley

    Thanks heaps for getting back to me about this

    Here is the article that states (under images), that we should aim to keep memory use under 100mb ...


    Here is one more that states that a phone might only have 60-100mb of memory ( I realise that very old phones DO have this limit ) ...


  • I think it's true, because my project for mobile android is just over 100mb, and now I can not export. I get an error saying that my project has exceeded the allowed size. It seems that in google play, the apks can not exceed 100 mb, but there are other engines that pack their games or make packages to finish downloading the game after installed. OBS: sorry for the possible spelling mistakes, because I'm using google translator.

  • I think you are confusing game size and memory usage.

    I have a game that is around 10MB, but memory usage is around 150MB, because all images have to be decompressed once in RAM.

    If you game is 100MB in size that means actual size in RAM could be easily over 1GB.

    I think........

  • Boa noite, sinto muito, sou iniciante aqui. Onde encontro as informações de uso de memória no meu projeto? Eu só posso ver o tamanho disso.

    OBS: Agora consegui exportar meu jogo para android, utilizo o constructo 3. Reduzi o tamanho do jogo para 90 mg e consegui exportar. Obrigado pelas informações.

  • Good evening, I'm sorry, I'm a beginner here. Where do I find the memory usage information in my project? I can only see the size of it.

    OBS: Now I managed to export my game to android, I use construct 3. I reduced the size of the game to 90 mg and managed to export. Thank you for the informations.

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