I published my first app. Now what?

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  • Hello! I have just finished my first app and uploaded it on Google Play, but I am not sure how to make it popular. I read about buying installs and this thing called App Store optimization but I don’t know what should I choose or what to based my decision on. I am willing to invest up to 500$ for now. Can someone advice me on this? Thank you!

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  • give a link to it so we can see

  • Marketing really needs to be thought out a little more than an after thought when you've published your game.

    For a quick boost in downloads etc, you should look to get websites that review games to review yours to increase exposure, back-links, and therefore Google Play ASO. But you need to put yourself in the shoes of these review sites (any site that can advertise your game to others for free), and understand what they are looking for;

    • (obviously) Nice looking game with great gameplay etc
    • Ready prepared graphics for them to use
    • Dumby content for them to work off of

    ...... and more.

  • I agree with fredriksthlm

    Before dumping any money on marketing, post a link here, so that people can have a look at it.

    Review by peers is invaluable, and you need to get your product right before taking it any further.

  • 500$ is nothing on mobile, try 500 thousand or even million USD, and maybe you'll have a chance to reach a few hundred thousand players.

    Unless your game is shit, then you have no chance at all, you can't polish a turd, and you can't market it either, and you should focus on making more games, and receiving more feedback. As others have said, peer feedback is invaluable.

    I'm saying this in the most compassionate and friendly way possible, delusion is your worst enemy in any creative career including game dev.

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