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  • Hi! honestly I am going to admit the construct 3 store page looks very eye catching. All though I am not a big fan of the subscription model I will try to dig into construct 3 before considering subscribing. If you use construct 3 please list all of your pros and cons to the engine and any troubles you've


    Edit: if you had to rate c3 and/or c2 out of 10 let me know I would love to see this.


    Construct 2: X/10

    Construct 3: X/10

  • The Good one: Mobile exporter

    The Good one: Performance

    A bad really bad one: This one made stop using c3 as it got me really stress>>>is the Preview over Wifi it nearly killed me, honestly I can open projects on C2 any size 100 mb 200mb and up in seconds on my devices over Wifi but with C3 projects less than half Megabyte it was taking like 10 to 15 min and Plus counting that it was crushing a lot of times so you have retry from the beginning this is just for one simple Test, but it must be only me that I was unlucky as I can't see anyone working like that for a long Time and the fact that no one Reported it its really weird so I said probably I got bad luck, But Definitely you can't work like that I hope they fixed it already. normally when I use c2 I hit the Test button like 10000 times a day so you can imagine if you are limited by the Play hits as you don't wanna wait there like x amount of time just for one Test. They should have included both the one that we have on c2 for home Testing which is pretty fast and the one that they added in C3 for external testing like giving to someone far away to test over the internet

    Those are my three from the top of my head

  • Just wanted to jump in with a second viewpoint: I've never tested anything bigger than a few mbs but these projects all load within seconds and never crash (talking about remote preview of course).

    Unfortunately I can't list the pros of C3 over C2 because even though I own C2 I've practically never used it.

  • you should search the forums for pros and cons of C3. It was all discussed several times already and the folks here (including me) are getting pretty tired of that.

    Myself (and some tens of thousands people) using C3 and happy with that.

  • Pros:

    I have noticed a streamlined approach to game making with Construct.

    It's a fun user experience once you get used to it, although the online version slows down production a little bit (seconds count). Which is why Construct 2 still feels like a better user experience in that way for speed and efficiency.


    Poor end-product support.

    Example: Every time I have used the Construct 3 exporter to build apps, it has either not worked or displayed extremely poor performance. Similar problems have occurred since the beginning with PC export using NW.js. Not sure why Construct team doesn't think it important to support end user products, but its lack has been evident since day one of my Construct use. I don't anticipate anything changing in the near future or ever for this product...

    I even went to view finished products just released on the forums using the Construct engine, and all of them used a 3rd party solution to build their apps which itself didn't display extraordinarily good performance either. The whole product is limited by what it can produce as an end product and many thousands of users have experienced this painfully and left it for better products.

  • you should search the forums for pros and cons of C3. It was all discussed several times already and the folks here (including me) are getting pretty tired of that.

    Myself (and some tens of thousands people) using C3 and happy with that.

    Sorry I didn't know you speak for everyone. I rather have move of a fresh post, I didn't take the time to look as lately I've been busy.

  • Thank you all for posting your pros and cons to the engine it's very helpful for future buyers and for the dev's, and for me of course.

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  • Pros

    1. C3 Runtime.
    2. Working Built-in Mobile addons.
    3. Construct 3 Sprite-sheeting. Improves performance, but (See "Cons").
    4. Cloud Exporters. Both Mobile and NWJS.
    5. Quick bug report support.
    6. Well supported and future upgrades.
    7. Feature requests.
    8. New Construct 3 built-in exclusive addons.
    9. Construct 3 Editor adjusts to computer resources unlike Construct 2.
    10. Construct 3 Editor increases performance if available.
    11. Construct 3 Editor responds well and scales to GPU High Performance boost.
    12. Construct 3 doesn't load all icons at the same time. Hence, supports large projects.
    13. Construct 3 Editor has great support for large projects.
    14. New coming 3rd party addons that only supports Construct 3.
    15. Construct 3 assures your project's future especially for large long-term projects.
    16. Great themes, Dark Theme.
    17. Responsive Editor.
    18. Editor Multi-Screen support.
    19. Somehow filtered non-supported or well made addons. Because, not ported to C3Runtime.
    20. Construct 3 SDK is improving and professionally documented as the software progresses.
    21. Remove dependency on engine bound addons. Which is good for future-proofing large projects. Which is good in its own way. (See Cons)
    22. Construct 3 SDK support Editor extensions.
    23. Construct 3 Editor plans to support the creation of addons through events in the future.
    24. Cleaned C2Runtime code.
    25. Removed Canvas2D support, which bloats the runtime.
    26. Removed JQuery dependency.
    27. Future transition to Web Workers. For performance and efficiency.
    28. All WebGL and transitioning to WebGL2.
    29. The use of Web Assembly for CPU extensive processing features.
    30. Live previews.
    31. Lots of C2 Editor bugs like variable corruption, ribbon, etc are fixed in C3.
    32. Subscription means additional assurance for continuous support.
    33. Subscription means assured continuous support.


    1. No MadSpy Steam addon.
    2. No Spriter addon for Construct 3 Runtime, yet.
    3. Construct 3 Sprite-sheeting getting worse every update, but (See "Pros").
    4. Some addons can't port to C3Runtime. Mostly engine-bound.
    5. Construct 3 SDK can't extend to engine features. Which is bad for small games that rely on experimentation. (See Pros)
    6. Construct 3 is slower in weaker devices because of Browser overhead.
    7. Construct 3 SDK is limited to available documentation.

    It's not a clear comparison because this is on the spot. But, I think this gives an idea.

    I think the comparison is clearer once you have read Construct's own comparison.

    Link :

    Just in case you haven't read it yet.


    Construct 3 is the future with its new features, updates, upgrades and support available in the present and in the future especially with the C3Runtime, Construct Team's own Independently made Editor, New Addons, New coming 3rd party addons, Support, Feature Request and Runtime cleanup and factoring. This is beneficial for the long-term including long-term projects and learning it the soonest will ensure you that you will be familiar to the engine when you need it the most.

    The problem is Construct 3 is unstable, because it is constantly upgrading unlike Construct 2 and things might become great and bad depending on the situation like the Construct 3 Sprite-sheet algorithm which became bad or okay for some and worse for others. Also, old addons can't be used on Construct 3 if they aren't maintained and migrated to Construct 3 especially the engine bound ones but that is a good news in itself so you can avoid old, non-supported and experimental engine-bound addons that aren't upgraded to Construct 3 and C3Runtime.

    If it's not maintained, it might not be a good idea to add in your project at all. Especially if new 3rd party addons are made or the Construct Team makes a built-in feature for those old but popular addon like the newly released ones for the C3 Runtime.

    I hope that gives you and idea.

    Have a nice day and happy game development!

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