How to proceed when a bug can't be fixed?

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  • I'm trying to pull attention to something that's detrimental to my work with C3, and only affects me apparently, but this is the issue:

    Scirra closed it due to "no repro", which means they can't find ways to replicate it, and neither can I. The only thing I know is that after some hours without using the editor (PC can be ON or OFF) it happens again and again to me. Every single day when I log in for the first time.

    I log in and the layout has a bunch of error messages and warnings (check the issue for more info), and then I just refresh the page and there are no more messages, but now there's this blank panel in the layout that I cannot remove, then I have to erase my cached information and lose my Settings. Then I have to adjust every setting again so I can use it. It honestly takes like 2 minutes each day, and it won't make me stop using C3, but it's just so damn annoying, added the fact that the only people that can fix it, won't.

    I'm hoping someone can shine a light upon this matter. Any feedback is appreciated.

    ps: I'm using a clean version of the latest Chrome and I have no addons in C3.


  • So based on the bugreport you use a dual-screen setup, so do I but I don't have this issue. You do mention that you detach panels to display on the second screen, I do not do that. It could have something to do with that.

    If bugs can't be fixed you'll need a classic workaround. In your case you can just try a different browser. Or possibly different hardware if available.

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  • Yeah, I would also suggest a different browser. Some other things you can try:

    1. deactivating all browser addons
    2. switching to Default theme in C3
    3. using Desktop Build
    4. different internet connection, for example from your mobile hotspot
  • Thanks for the replies.

    Some notes on them.

    WackyToaster, It happened even when I stopped popping panels out of the layout, I thought that was the issue too after some time, thanks for the thought though, but it'd be such a shame, popout panels are the greatest thing (almost, it will be when we can put more than one panel per secondary tab).

    Dop2000, It happened in the clean Chrome, meaning no addons, it also happened when I installed the Desktop build. I will never in my life use the default theme, light themes for me should be banned from the universe (jk), therefore I cannot confirm nor deny if it happens also on default theme because I'll never test it. And the internet connection thing might be it! I recently started using OpenDNS and I'll experiment for a few days without it and see what happens.

    Again, thanks to the both of you for the insights.

  • I will never in my life use the default theme

    I also prefer dark themes, but all dark themes for C3 I've tried were terrible (IMO). So I'm using the default one..

    Anyway, I am not suggesting you to switch the theme permanently, only for testing.

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