Problem with preview, preview debug (& construct license ?)

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  • Hi, hope i am asking in the right place.

    Since the last update, i am having difficulties with the preview of my game.

    When i preview my construct project, everything is fine for the firsts 1/2 times, then launching it just give me a black lifeless screen.

    Disabling my events does not seem to resolve the issue.

    If thought for a time that my game was too big or something (my understanding in those things are limited) but after some trials and error, the preview debuger sent me this message while trying to acces other tabs :

    However, i am in possession of a professional license.

    So, here it is. I dont know if the problem is from the latter update, my own inaptitude or something else.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Have a good day !

  • Are you sure you are logged in in the editor before launching your preview ?

    If you are, please consider sending a message to with your account's username and every possible bit of informations regarding what you are doing, what you are expecting it to do, and what you experience it doing instead.

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  • I have tried and reproduced this behavior while being logged in (my profile username and profile picture are at the top right corner of my construct window). I will then contact the support as you suggested.

    Thanks for your quickness !

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