Pro tip: Open C3 in app mode.

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  • Have you guys found a way to use app mode on mac with multiple screens?

    App mode is fantastic but so far it's unusable on mac with multiple screens for me. You can't pull windows out of the main window which means you have to stretch the main window over multiple screens leading to tons of annoyances.

    Nope nothing yet. I think it's apple who is the crippling factor here. Haven't found any solution for this.

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  • Just a quick update to this.

    I'm using latest C3 (v53) in Windows 10 on a PC.

    Kiosk mode doesn't work as stated.

    I've found the 'more tools >> Add to desktop' is very hit and miss. Seems if you've opened and closed Chrome already then this doesn't work. Only works when I first open chrome after a reboot. Often just opens a chrome window at my homepage.

    Hoping that 'app mode' is more consistent.

    Thought I'd feed back.

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