Pro tip: Open C3 in app mode.

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  • I can't get this to work on the Mac...the whole "more tools" menu doesn't have the add to desktop functionality like on the PC. Any other way to get this to run on the Mac without the all the bars and stuff?

    I will try it out at work tomorrow, using mac there.

  • 'Add to homescreen' should already work on Android. The meta tags have been superseded by the Web App Manifest which C3 uses.

    I didn't realise Chrome didn't have an 'Add to desktop' option on Mac - I filed a bug for it here:

  • 'Add to homescreen' should already work on Android. The meta tags have been superseded by the Web App Manifest which C3 uses.

    Beware of adding to home screen in Android. It doesn't go full screen automatically for me in Android Marshmallow, so pressing back accidentally will not give a prompt and will make you lose your work. It will also say Preparing forever, making you have to close it and restart the engine again.

  • > tunepunk - Can you also add that the same rule applies to android phones...? It looks cool on phone too and no need for typing the address everytime though there's still the status bar but you can still set it to fullscreen mode.


    I'm not sure it can be done on phones. I know you can save a icon in your launcher, but if you want to remove the address bar maybe this link will help out, but it seems it's something Ashley have to configure in the meta tags of the mobile version. Not sure.

    <meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

    The name attribute MUST be "mobile-web-app-capable" and the content attribute must be "yes" (case in-sensitive). If there is any other value in the content attribute the web app will be added as a regular bookmark.

    It works, I have tested it beforehand. Though as he said it closes automatically when back is pressed.

  • Finally figured out how to make an launch script for mac, that opens C3 in fullscreen "app mode".

    Open Script editor.

    Paste this.

    do shell script "/Applications/Google\\\\ Chrome --app= & killall applet"[/code:170gf9m2]
    Save as application to dektop or where you want.
    Now you can use this icon to run C3 directly, in app mode. 
    I havn't figured out how to change the icon though, will update if I figure it out.
    Adding to OP.
  • Ashley

    Could you provide me with a High Res or vector image of the C3 logo, so I can create Icon files for it, for those who want to use, custom shortcuts to the editor?

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  • They're in the Press Kit, which is in the footer on

  • Thanks, updated Original Post, with link to suitable icons for the launch script, and link to better description on how to change the icon.

  • Bumping since i saw other people asking how to run C3 in fullscreen/app mode.

  • So here's a short version of my post:

    It enables you to stretch windows over multiple screens but unfortunately the result is very annoying to work with and only slightly usable if both screens have the same resolution. Even then you have a giant window stretching over multiple displays leading to enormous annoyances (like having to do minutes of undocking and reordering everything every time you start the app).

    I see. That seems very annoying. Maybe this is just a Mac limitation, hopefully this feature will be available in upcoming chrome versions or something, I can't really find any better solution so far. I'll update the thread here in case I find any proper solution to that.

  • tunepunk Worked like a charm. Thank you!

    Maybe now I can trick my mind into thinking I'm not using Chrome... probably not.

    To change the icon to C3 icon you can use this Method.

    For changing the icon in macOS Sierra, it's a bit different. ... cale=en_US

  • For mac icon change:

  • For mac icon change:

    - Convert the png to icns (

    - Right click ---> Get Info ---> Drag and drop the icns to the image on the top-left corner

    Ah nice, it's not really needed, you can just copy any image data to clipboard and paste as your new icon. Good tool though, I'll save that link <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • Oh hell it to work on the Mac now .

  • Have you guys found a way to use app mode on mac with multiple screens?

    App mode is fantastic but so far it's unusable on mac with multiple screens for me. You can't pull windows out of the main window which means you have to stretch the main window over multiple screens leading to tons of annoyances.

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