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  • 1. Subscription for those that need Online Services

    2.a One Time Payement for those that do not

    2.b Update packages that need to be payed for but are not mandatory. I don't think there would be a lot of complainments if people can choose if and when they buy updates as long as the price isn't crazy high.

  • I guess a little flexibility couldn't hurt. Pay for what you use model you mean? Not a bad idea.

    Updates should always be free of course, but I'm guessing you mean more like extensions/options or something.

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  • OP:

    This was my thoughts as well. I have no interest in an online editor or cloud functionality. A subscription fee would make sense for those that do.

    (I have no problem with them. They're good ideas. But I don't want it, and I certainly don't want to work from my browser, the most crash prone application on my PC..)

    A one time payment for the program, with free security/bug fixes until end of life would make sense, with perhaps another fee that gives you access to "new features updates" for a couple years.

    Not to mention, why are business license ($500) owners getting the same discount as personal license ($150) owners? It's mind boggling.

    I really liked C2 & Scirra, and have recommended it to anyone I know interested in this sort of thing.

    I have a business license and am feeling like I wasted my money now. For years I've been a proponent of Scirra and C2 as the best solution out there, but if C3 launches as announced I think I'll be done with Scirra and head for an alternative with a bitter taste in my mouth (and wallet).

    I understand Scirra has to make money, and only so many people out there will buy a game dev. program.

    But when I heard about C3's IDE supporting multiple platforms, I thought, well I don't need it now, but it's a good idea, and if we're getting a discount, I'd pay a bit more to support a Construct that I can use anywhere (Mac, Linux, etc.), might be handy some day.

    They didn't even do that. They did a web IDE (lazier, imo) with subscriptions..

    I don't know why you don't just continue as you have, and every 2 or 3 years announce a new version of Construct that you have to pay for (at a reduced price, for existing owners) for new features.

    So C2 users keep their business/personal license, keep getting bug fixes/security updates until end of life of the software (6 years?), and in 2017 (if you want) pay $100 for C3 to keep getting feature updates until C4 in 2020, or whatever year, when you have to pay $100 (or whatever) again.

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